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Resume – Hari Thapliyal


Sixteen years in software development, ten years in course design, training, coaching, and consulting. 2+ years experienced in meticulous & objective-driven Data Science, complex machine learning, and statistical modeling algorithms/techniques for identifying patterns and extracting valuable insights. Possesses diverse experience in planning & executing multiple projects and liaising with the key stakeholders to identify & resolve business problem statements and deliver excellent results.


Azure AI • AWS • Machine Learning Methodologies • Optimization Techniques • Text Mining • Data Mining & Analytics • Predictive & Statistical Modelling • Sentiment Analysis • Account Mining • Data Analysis • Data Visualization • Project Delivery • Predictive Modelling & Analytics • Programming • Process Improvement • Team Coordination & Leadership • Architecting & Solutioning AI Products • Project Management


Information Technology | Cargo | Recruitment/Staffing | Banking | Securities | Finance | Insurance | NGO | Petroleum Refinery | Pharmaceutical | ITES | Management Consulting | Solar Power | Construction | Industrial Engineering | EduTech + LMS


  • Computer Vision: CNN, CV, YOLO, Keras, OCR
  • NLP: Huggingface (model repo), RNN, LSTM, GRU, Transformers, BERT, FastText, NLTK, SpaCy, IndicFT, mBERT, GPT2, Word Embedding (word2vec, GloVe, TFIDF, CBOW, Linguistic Features), embedding transfer
  • Big Data Ecosystem: Hadoop, Querying (Hive/Pig), Data Migration (Scoop/ Flume), Spark, PySpark, Message Broker (Kafka), Zookeeper, HDFS, NoSQL (Cassendra, MongoDB), Resource Manager (MapReduce, YARN), Schedular (Oozie), HBase, Redis, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL
  • Cloud Computing: AWS, GCP, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Factory, Azure Databrick, SQL Database, Azure IOT Hub, HDInsight, Azure Data Lake, Azure Store, Azure Stream, Azure Event Hub, Azure ML Designer, Azure ML Studio, Azure Bot Services, Azure Cognitive Services, Google Analytics, GTM
  • On Premise Computing/ Database: SSIS, SSMS, SSAS, MySQL, CosmosDB, Oracle, SQLServer, TSQL, PLSQL, Columnar Databases, OLAP Cubes
  • Visualization/Front End/Analysis: PowerBI, Tableau, Sharepoint, gretl, PSPP, Crystal Reports
  • Web Development: Flask,
  • Languages: Python, Java, HTML, VB6.0
  • IDE: PyCharm, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Juypter Notebooks, Google Colab, Kaggle Kernels
  • No Code/Less Code: Design/Develop/Deploy Websites using WordPress, Jumala, Jekyll, LimeSurvey, Search Engine Optimization, LaTEX
  • MLOps / DevOps: github, SVN, VSS, Docker, Kubernetes, maven, pip, npm, MLflow
  • Statistics: Hypothesis testing, Distributions, Statistical Measures, Probability
  • Time Series, Clustering, Regression, Classification, Anomaly Detection, Object Detection, Sementic Segmentation


  • Project Initiation, Planning, Work Execution/Coordination, Governance, Closure, Project Management Office
  • Project Risk, Configuration, Quality, Resource, Cost, Schedule, Stakeholder, Communication Management
  • Process definition, tailoring from ISO, CMMI, ISMS, process, and project audit.
  • Agile, Scrum, XP, FDD, SAFe, Kanban,
  • Software Size Estimation, Effort, Duration, Schedule, Resource Estimation.
  • Team/Individual appraisals, conflict resolution.
  • Telling ancient stories in situational context, team/inspiration motivation/inspiration for individual and organizational goal.


M.Sc. in Data Science, LJMU+IIIT Bangalore, Mar’2019- Jan-2021, Secured Distinction – 77%

Course Modules: Data Visualization with Tableau, Data Analysis in Excel, Analytics Problem Solving, Data Analysis using SQL, Data Analysis using PySpark and Hive, Programming in Python, Python for Data Science, Descriptive & Inferential Statistics, Hypothesis Testing, Machine Learning, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Tree Models, Ensemble Models, Deep Neural Networks, NLP, Thesis in NLP

MBA in Operations, IGNOU, Delhi, Dec’00- Dec’02, Secured 3.17/5

Course Modules: 19 Subjects + Final Thesis

MCA in Operations, IGNOU, Delhi, Jun’99- Jun’01, Secured 63%

Course Modules: 17 Subjects + Final Product

PGD in Financial Management, IGNOU, Delhi Jun’96- Jun’97, Secured 61%

Course Modules: 6 Subjects


(Few Selected Project Out of 30+ Projects)

Sarcasm Detection in Hinglish Language | Tech Stack: Python, PyTorch, mBERT, NLP, FastText, ML, DT | Nov’20

  • Objective: Sarcasm Detection in text written in Latin + Devanagari Script and Hindi + English + Indian Languages (popularly called Hinglish). This is my M.Sc. Thesis project.
  • Solution: Developed Hinglish Language Sarcasm Dataset. Developed custom embedding (BOW, TFIDF, Word2Vec, fastText, Lexical), plus used embedding transfer from IndicFT, fastTextWiki, mBERT, IndicBERT. Used Task Transfer from mBERT, IndicBERT, fastTextWiki and fine tuned the model with my training data. Developed classifier models using Logistic Regression, Support Vector Classifier, AdaBoost Classifier, XGBoost Classifier, Naive Bayes Classifier, Decision Tree Classifier, Peceptron. Developed RNN based classifier architecture. Analyzed various Embedding Models for Hinglish Text and created 108 models to identify which ML Algorithm, NLP Pretrained Model and which embedding works best for Hinglish language and Sarcasm detection.
  • Key Achievement: Developed the best model with fastTextWiki embedding and Naïve Bayesian classifier gives 76% accuracy, 78% recall, 75% precision, 76% F1 score and 80% AUC. Concluded FastTextWiki embedding along with Naive Bayesian Classifer is the best for Hinglish Language Sarcasm Detection.

Hand Gesture Recognition from Live Stream | Tech Stack: Python, CV, Keras, CNN, RNN, GRU | Feb ’20

  • Objective: Customer wanted to detect 5 hand gesture (left swipe, right swipe, thumbs up, thumbs down, stop) from a camera installed on any TV device so that without using remote control TV can be operated.
  • Solution: Customer supplied 800 short (1-2 second) videos in two formats 360×360 or 120×160. I developed CNN+RNN based 50 models with different architecture. Finally selected a best model which can predict these gestures most correctly.
  • Key Achievement: The best model gave validation accuracy 72%

Driver Availability for the Day. | Tech Stack: Python, sklearn

  • Objective: A taxi aggregator want to know how many hours a driver will be available to pick up and drop a customer.
  • Solution: Number of drivers for any taxi aggregator is very stable number, but their demand and availability depends upon the day of week, season, weather condition, festival, events in the city etc. Based on the driver profile, the model predicted number of hours the driver can be available to serve the customer. This information can be used by the aggregator to incentivize drivers and manage dynamic fair.
  • Key Achievement: Developed a model with R2 of 0.81

Creating a Cluster of Countries who need Help International Funding | Tech Stack: Python, PCA, Hierarchical Clustering, KMean, Silhouette Score, Hopkin Score

  • Objective: There are 200+ countries on the Earth. All countries are not same in the sense of eco-social affairs. Health International wanted to grant $10 million funds for education and health. We need to suggest 5-10 countries for whom they can allocate their funds.
  • Solution: Based on various socio-economic parameters like GDP, Exports, Imports, PIC, Education, Health, child-mortality, life expectancy etc. we created 5 clusters and selected all countries of a cluster (representing the poorest performance on these eco-social parameters) to recommend for funding.
  • Key Achievement: Created 5 clusters. A list of 5 countries whom the NGO can help.


  • Consultant, Mentor, Coach on Project Management, Agile, Scrum, Data Science, Machine Learning
  • Designed PMP Course As per PMBOK Edition 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 for PMP Participants. This program is PMI, USA approved certification program. It has content of 35 hours classroom-based training.
  • Designed CAPM Course As per PMBOK Edition 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 for CAPM Participants. This program is PMI, USA approved certification program. It has content of 23 hours classroom-based training.
  • Designed PMI-ACP Course As per PMI-ACP course outline for PMI-ACP Participants. This program is PMI, USA approved certification program. It has content of 21 hours classroom-based training.
  • Designed multiple MSP (Microsoft Project) training course for Project Managers and other users, who want to learn this tool for project planning, governance, reporting purpose.
  • Designed Dozens of other customized project management (Risk, Quality, Costing, Proposal, Vendor Management, Requirement Management, Resource Management) training courses based on the customer need.
  • Designed PMP exam simulation question bank with 1000 question. This was developed for PMBOK Edition 4.0
  • Trained 4000+ leaders in 300+ corporate / open-house training courses on PMP®, Agile Project Management, PMI-ACP®, PRINCE2, PMI-RMP®, PMI-SM®, CAPM®, Microsoft Project®, Project Online, Enterprise Microsoft Project Server®, AgileEVM, Earn Value Management, Function Point Estimation (FPA), Scrum.
  • PMO Head in Dynamics NAV Implementation Project for a Major NGO.
  • PMO Coach in Industrial Engineering Co. PMO Setup, defining new roles & responsibilities, training, implementing EPM, PMO reports and dashboards using PowerBI.
  • As a Head PMO defined & implemented PMO, scorecards, KPI, the dashboard for my Company. Implementation in Sharepoint and Microsoft Project Server.
  • Managed projects/programs as program/project manager, scrum master, and agile coach.
  • Consultant/MR/Lead for PMO, CMMI, ISO9001:2000 initiatives
  • Delivered many training courses at the international location for the citizen of the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan.
  • Classroom training experience of around 8000+ hours.
  • The Average Rating of training feedback of all training courses is 9.36 out of 10.
  • Managed delivery center of 100+ people.
  • Project Management experience of managing 30+ IT projects of 40,000 Mandays.
  • FPA counting experience of more than 30000 FPs of 15+ proposals/projects.
  • Experience at strategic & tactical management level.
  • Experience in IT Product development lifecycle from conceptualization to selling to product improvisation.
  • Solid experience in Managing OPA & process institutionalization.
  • Sound understanding of ITIL and ISO-20000, ISMS/ ISO-27001 frameworks
  • A profound experience of Business and Delivery Process Engineering; defining, implementing processes, and defining metrics and quality goals for process improvement


In different roles of System Analyst, Solution Architect, Project Manager, Delivery Head with different organizations successfully took these initiatives.

  • Motivated many technical people to become Microsoft certified professionals. This led the organization in becoming Microsoft Gold Certified in 45 days.
  • Defined, developed, and implemented a 360-degree appraisal system.
  • Started KYO (Know your organization) initiatives for Employees.
  • Implemented agile/scrum in 5 projects as scrum master and a scrum coach.
  • Developed initial architecture of Enterprise Document Management System.
  • Developed architecture for Portfolio performance reporting system.
  • Developed three products in BFSI domain MATS, CASE, FILAC from base zero. These products are for accounting, share brokering houses, and customers who buy/sell shares from brokers.
  • Developed an ERP product CXD for the Cargo domain
  • Completed impact analysis of 24X7 banking functionality on UI, BO & DO of huge legacy Retail Banking Application.
  • Helped many people in aligning their aspirations, efforts, education, natural talent and identify opportunities for them

My Website & Blogs

Architected, Design, Developed, hosted my websites and blogs from scratch. I maintain the content and communicate with reader groups on a periodic basis. Websites and blogs are as below.


  1. Azure AI900.  Microsoft. Jul ’20
  2. Azure DP900, Microsoft, Aug’20
  3. PMP, PMI USA, Feb’06
  4. PMI ACP, PMI USA, Dec’12
  5. PRINCE2 Practitioner, AXELOS, Apr’13
  6. CSM, SPOC, SCT, in 2013
  7. Kovida Sanskrit 2 Years, Sanskrit Bharati, Aug’ 16
  8. Understanding Classical Scientific Text of India in Immersive Sanskrit Environment (30 hours), IIT Indore, Oct’20
  9. Research & Data Analytics (30 hours), Ramanujan College, University of Delhi
  10. Completed many courses from Udemy
  11. Completed PGDS course from upGrad


Member of PMI USA since 2006


Project Manager, Infinity Foundation, Aug’17-Dec’17

Identify short-duration informational clips from 1000+ hours of videos of Mr. Rajiv Malhotra. Rajiv Malhotra is a Researcher, Authors of Many Books, Veteran Indologist, Speaker on Indian Culture and Civilization. Identified 400+ clips with 5 volunteers. These clips were consumed by course creators to design courses and create topic-specific YouTube videos & playlists.

Ramakrishna Seva Ashram Hospital, Haridwar Mar’19-Mar’19

Mission has many part-time, full-time, contractual, individual/organization, volunteers helping them in running the hospital services. These people work in different roles from Gardner, nurse, hospital assistant, cleaner, food supplier, etc. Mission had a very complex payroll system, that needs to be managed by full-time people. An existing system was having many problems. I created an integrated system that has data of all the existing systems in one place. This makes analysis very easy. At the same time, central processing of payroll from one place.

Project Management Consultant, Youth for Seva, Jun’17 – Jul’17

Designed a School Development program for YFS. With this children of different age groups >=5th class and <=8th class studying via the vernacular medium can be engaged at the national level.
The program design takes care of

  • The subjects children want to learn at the different locations,
  • The volunteer teacher’s availability,
  • Measuring learning effectiveness,
  • Tracking various metrics related to attendance, hours of teaching, the impact created,
  • The volunteer hours contributed by an organization,
  • Volunteer rewards.
  • Rolling up metrics from the school, area, district, state to organization level.
  • Volunteer Enrolment for a particular location, day and subject.
  • Benchmarking and improving trainings through TTT program
  • Donor management for this program and for the different activities of this program
  • Change Management process related to the program and activities

PMI Mumbai Chapter

MBA in Project Management Course Design Committee Member Jun’09-Mar’10

Design MBA program in Project Management for NMIMS. This was accredited by PMI USA. The existing MBA course needs to be adopted for Project Management Students. PMI has some guidelines which need to adhere before NMIMS can submit their proposal for accreditation. PMI Mumbai chapter helped NMIMS in this process. I was one of the members of this course design team.

Chair- Conflict of Interest Committee, Sep’08-Feb’09

  • Identify the potential “conflict of interest” situation in the work of PMIMC board members.
  • Educate volunteers and BOD members on COI situations
  • Detect COI and bring to the notice of the Board of Directors (BOD)
  • Recommend suggestive actions for any COI encountered

Vice President Volunteer Development, Jan’09-Mar’10

  • Understand the volunteer needs (number, skills, duration, and deliverables) of the PMIMC.
  • Advertise the volunteer need through various communication channels.
  • Meet, interview, and understand the aspirations and expectations of volunteers.
  • Create a volunteer pool based on the skills, aspiration, and expectations of volunteers.
  • Assign volunteers to portfolios or PMIMC project activities and make sure that their services are being utilized and they are motivated
  • Maintain volunteer database
  • Plan special events for volunteer development
  • Appraise volunteer performance and take appropriate action with the help of concerned portfolio owner
  • Conduct volunteer meetings, understand their concerns and present them to the BOD.
  • Prepare volunteer training material
  • Identify training needs of volunteer
  • Train volunteers on role and responsibilities
  • Prepare and submit annual budget to BOD
  • Reward and recognize volunteers for their contribution
  • Develop a volunteer career plan
  • Email account/configuration management
  • Sharepoint bases website access permissions/configuration/fine tuning/ subsite creation.

PMI Chennai Chapter

Vice President, Volunteer Development, Aug’10 – Oct’11


IT (Software)
Tally Solutions, TCS, SAP Labs, Pyramid IT, Sutherland, Wipro, NIIT, Mphasis,
Amadeus, Hibu, Birlasoft, Aurovision, Cognizant, CSC, IBM, Capgemini, Infinite Computers, Infosys, HCL, Kale consultants, L&T Infotech, Microland, Sun uard, ITC Intotech, LeoTech, California software, Honeywell Technologies, Genpact, CGI, Intelenet Global, Xansa, Pata Infotech, SXChange, Thales Software India, EDS, Dreamorbit, Ellucian, Opera Solution, ABM Knowledge Ltd, Emerio, Temenos, HDI, Clicklab, AGS Health

IT (Hardware)/ Electronics
Toshiba Embedded Software Kongsberg, Dell, Infineon, Cisco, Acer Dubai, Ericsson ABB, Huwei, HP, Godrej   Construction, Infra, Heavy Eng. Zamil Infrastructure, L&T TS, Arcelor Mittal, Gammon India Ltd, TEAM, ReyChem  

Uninor, Reliance Communication  Qualcomm, Nokia Siemens  Airtel, Smart Telecoms Orange, Verizon Wire & Wireless

Consulting & Education
Accenture, KPMG, QAI, Vinsys, AllSec, upGrad

Service India, Real Page, WNS, Hewitt, AXA Technologies, BACS, Caliber Point, Cbay Systems, BFSI Standard Charted Bank JP Morgan, TATA AIG United Health Group Birla Sunline Insurance ANZ bank, HSBC Deutsche Bank ICICI Pru, RBS Bank of New York Avaya, S & P Capital IQ  

Petroleum & Chemical
Chemfab Chemicals, Tagros Chemicals, Gujarat gas, Reliance Industries  

TOYOTA, Mercedes Benz, Delphi    

Smart Communications Multi Media Communications (Malaysia)

Government Mayniland Water Department of Finance (Ph) Kerala State Productivity Counsel

Sanofi India, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

Power & Energy
Vikram Solar, Andritz, BFL Hydro Power  

Industrial, Engineering
Tyco Fire & Security, Wheels India, Turner & Toronsent, Schneider Electrics, Tata Elexi, Xerox, Emerson, Rockwell Federal Mugal, ABB  

HR, Staffing, Training
Pyramid IT, Future Focus, ECCI, Allsec  

Others INSEAD, NICT, Flipkart, ISKCON, VGL Group, Netambit, Feedback Infra, Pepsico, ITC, Dover India, TWISS, Reckitt

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