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100+ High Level AI Usecases

Nowadays we are listening and reading a lot about AI and its role in shaping our present and future. But many people, sometimes even technology savvy people, are struggling to understand and answer the following questions.

  • What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)? Is it new technology jargon around?
  • What exactly I can do using AI?
  • How AI is going to affect my job and life?
  • In today’s volatile job and business, what is that which I need to learn to make my future safer?
  • I am not a technology person so will I be redundant after AI technology takes over my work?
  • Where is AI? I don’t see anything except electronic gadgets around me?
  • What is the relationship between AI, ML (Machine Learning), Automation, Robotics, IoT, etc?
  • And many other questions.

On the other end, there are many professionals, who are degree holders in Data Science, AI, and ML. They want to move forward with their passion so that they can build, research something which is significant, doable in a limited time with limited resources. But they are not able to figure out what are the possible opportunities.

I manage a very active WhatsApp group “AI&BusinessTrends” of and passionate AI enthusiasts. In this group, we played one game “Planting AI in my Field”. In this game, members participated actively and generated many ideas.

In this article, I am putting these ideas together. A list of the people who contributed is mentioned at the end of this article. They can be contacted via their LinkedIn account. The objective of writing this article is to help you think about what all is possible using AI and what possibly you can do. If you want to share more ideas or refine the existing ones then please join our group or comment below. The following questions are not answered in this article and left for readers to explore. 

  • What will be the benefits of these systems or ideas? 
  • Who (what different roles/professions) will get benefited? 
  • Is any existing AI-based application available in the market which delivers any or combination of these features?

Recently, due to the COVID19 scenario, many of these listed ideas are being implemented and it is possible by the time you read this article in the future these are the realities around you. The order of ideas has no significance. Whatever came to our mind we listed that. 

  1. If you ride a bike without wearing a helmet then AI can identify the owner and issue a challan/ticket. 
  2. AI can identify cancer, blood clot, thin bone break in the body using an x-ray
  3. AI can predict your chances of having certain diseases based on your area of living, food habits, lifestyle, age, profession, etc.
  4. If an unknown person knocks on my door, AI can help me in identifying the safety score of the person so that I can make a decision to open the door or not.
  5. Based on my interest in reading various topics, AI can recommend me to authors, researchers, universities.
  6. AI can identify if my apartment’s lift is going to break down in the near future and when.
  7. AI can help me in knowing the rent or sale price of an apartment.
  8. AI can tell if it is going to rain better than a meteorological forecast.
  9. AI can tell me who can be a better friend partner for me based on my different habits and patterns.
  10. AI can play a matchmaker for marriages for matrimonial services.
  11. AI can tell the impact of political campaigns or a series of campaigns.
  12. AI can generate and play music based on my mood and time of the day.
  13. AI can help me counting fruits in my orchid
  14. AI can compose music based on the other music of a given genre.
  15. AI can write movie scripts
  16. AI can write a genre-based novel
  17. AI can help in saving power, fertilizer, and water in the field
  18. AI can identify disease in the farm field, recommend medicine and cost of treatment for treating the infected area.
  19. AI can help in predicting any new emerging infectious agent in society, by mapping & analyzing local masses’ daily health care routine or behavioral changes.
  20. AI can help in predicting the amount of production of a given crop based on farming, weather, and past trends which is much better than traditional forest.
  21. AI can recommend what gift you should buy for a friend, fiance, boss, colleague, etc.
  22. AI can become your career Counsellor and recommend what you should do to be more happy and successful.
  23. AI can drive back your car from the airport to home. So you can drive without bothering where you will park.
  24. AI can act as personal assistance, it can reply only to those messages which are required based on my mood or interest.
  25. AI can count and categorize different vehicles passed from a road
  26. AI can help in inviting attendees for a seminar/conference based on their previous feedback, like /dislike from previous conferences, and other current works in hand or events they attended.
  27. AI can tell you which movie you should watch and you will enjoy that.
  28. You converse with your movie feedback system and AI can write feedback on your behalf.
  29. AI can recommend nearby restaurants which have food which you like. Or how far that restaurant is. And, how much minimum you need to spend there.
  30. AI can help newcomers to the city by notifying which place is not safe to travel alone or at night. So that you don’t end up in trouble.
  31. AI can manage your Twitter and Facebook accounts, like dislike comments on somebody’s share without your intervention, and people will not realize the difference.
  32. After checking the story, cast, actors, and feedback from others who have seen movies AI can write movie reviews on its own. And this can summarise almost everything.
  33. AI can recommend when the person is going to break the resolution or how likely the resolution is going to end soon.
  34. Can track the activities of your child and summarize what is going with him/her.
  35. AI can tell you how many children are going to be born in the town in the next 1 month. And it is not a dead census-based forecast.
  36. Based on your food habits, AI-enabled refrigerators can order vegetables, milk, ice cream, etc from your store and make a payment on your behalf.
  37. AI can recommend a technical or skilled-based course for you.
  38. AI can identify the location of your cattle in the forest.
  39. AI can connect doctors to patients. Summarise past history to the doctor without your speaking.
  40. AI can detect all the holes on the road even in poor light conditions
  41. AI can communicate with your vehicle and reduce the speed automatically in accident-prone zones.
  42. AI can regulate your home appliances remotely. Open the door, start AC, etc when nobody is at home and your friend has come to your door.
  43. AI can take attendance without your sign register or swipe card at the gate.
  44. AI can detect the fakeness-score of news or informative article, video, audio.
  45. Given the old voice sample, AI can make sure a voiceless person can speak in a normal voice, much better than Stephen Hawking
  46. AI can detect criminal by scanning a video record
  47. AI can help in predicting the quality and quantity of waste generation week on week.
  48. AI can predict your chances of winning a court case. Based on your facts, pieces of evidence.
  49. AI can help advocates how should s/he present his case so that the probability of winning can increase.
  50. AI can help the judiciary in identifying fake cases and reject them outrightly.
  51. AI can help in doing an objective appraisal of employees, recommend training and skill upgrade required
  52. From a heap of fruits AI can sort which fruits can be used for juices, which can be used for jams, etc.
  53. AI can regulate room temperature using AC, fan, heater and the person sleeping/living in that room.
  54. AI can determine what aroma to be selected for a given place or room based on some conditions like time of the day, season, personality (present in the room), etc.
  55. AI can automatically push the required amount of water to the plants.
  56. AI can predict the top 3 locations in each city for most traffic violations.
  57. AI can suggest my best place to live based on my health condition to survive more.
  58. AI can identify the best house for rent in the area we are located in.
  59. AI can read a book, document, comprehend, and read a summary for you in the language, tune, and music you want.
  60. AI can help in detecting what is loaded in a truck without wasting much time.
  61. AI can help in tracking the criminal from the point of crime to the position where he/she is at a particular time.
  62. AI can help intelligence agencies in knowing where the public can protest, who is organizing or supporting. what shape it can take etc.
  63. AI can detect nervousness in humans and animals and list the probable cause.
  64. AI can translate signboards of bus, hotel, road, etc in real-time in the language you want.
  65. AI can tell you what kind of article is this (political news, financial news, opinion, medical news, etc) and its complexity. Without our tag, hashtag, grouping.
  66. Can AI translate the language of pets, birds, etc into human communicable language? 
  67. AI identity and caution the driver if a pothole is close by
  68. AI can create movies with old actors.
  69. AI can compose new music based on old lyrics.
  70. Can AI let me know which indoor plant will stimulate a Happy mood in humans and pets?
  71. AI can help in educating physically disabled people like deaf, blind, dumb.
  72. AI can remove noise from old hazy images and make those images sharper.
  73. AI can convert old black and white images and videos into colored sharper images and videos
  74. Without spending lakhs of rupees in creating, demolishing, and recreating houses during construction. You can live in a house created by augmented reality. Arrange your living environment. Spend some time every day there with your family. Finally when all things are arranged constructed as per need then approve the design for your house construction. This way construction costs will be much less, time spent will be less, and the satisfaction of all stakeholders will be high.
  75. AI can reduce the cost of education and improve quality significantly. The role of teachers in AI-enabled education will be a facilitator and not delivering knowledge.
  76. AI can pool the best educators from the world to translate speeches in the local language and ensure world-class teachers are available in local languages.
  77. AI can turn school facilities to learn skills and ensure for knowledge children need not walk with heavy bags to school at all. Without bags and without travel they can collaborate and learn the best from their home. School is for playing and learning other skills.
  78. AI can help in improving the innovation and research environment in the organization, country.
  79.  At public places or in public offices you can move without carrying an ID card. AI systems keep track of your social behavior, crime record, CIBIL records, and health records. This is more like a typical system but some dependence on AI.
  80. AI can create unique world-class paintings
  81. Can AI help in creating joint family systems for those who appreciate this ancient system?
  82. AI and blockchain will make financial fraud impossible to happen
  83. While in a new city AI makes it easy to remind you of your friends in the new city, their availability, and distance from your hotel location.
  84. AI can help you make decisions about how much agri-produce vegetables, flowers you should cut from the field for the nearest market. Farmers and mandi together can decide the agri-product prices.
  85. AI can help you make decisions about what other crops can grow together, and in what combinations they can optimize the profit margins and reduce the cost of water and fertilizer.
  86. AI can read/scan messages from a WhatsApp group and generate a summary report.
  87. Lie detection based on facial expression, voice fluctuations, tone. (Without touching person)
  88. AI can help in setting up completely automated grocery stores/ supermarkets where a person can walk in and pick the items, and walk out. The billing will be automated based on the facial recognition of the person and automatic recognition of the products picked in the cart.
  89. AI can read/scan messages from a WhatsApp group and perform sentiment analysis.
  90. AI can summarise your tweets, FB posts, and tell what kind of person you are.
  91. AI can recommend people, books, movies, products in store, places of entertainment based on your lifestyle and habits.
  92. If you provide your symptoms, biographical details, geography AI can recommend you medicine. After all, the wisdom of millions of doctors of past and present whose experience trains AI is much more compared to one doctor.
  93. AI can help you learn music and master that without a physical human instructor.
  94. An AI model, trained on the mood and biological parameters of humans, can predict your tomorrow’s mood today. 
  95. Based on your bio parameters like bp, sugar, breath rate, etc, An AI app can tell your mood to your friends and partner without you opening your mouth.
  96. If you tell an AI app that I want to listen only to the dialogue of a particular actor from a movie and nothing else then AI can do the searching, skipping, and forwarding of the movie to the point.
  97. Public personalities keep giving statements in the media, newspapers, Twitter, FB, etc. An AI app can create a timeline that can tell who said what and when. Compare those timelines across two or more persons so that you know who triggered the chain of hate speeches.
  98. Based on the day of the week, festival, public event, monsoon, etc. an AI app can predict traffic on roads. This can be done in advance (maybe 1 week or 1 month before). 
  99. AI can help us to be more focused and remind us when we deviate from our goals.
  100. AI helps us find the best restaurants to suit our budget when we are hungry and also recommends the best dish from all the dishes on the menu card.
  101. While we are facing some person, talking to him/her, gazing at him/her AI can tell you what kind of person is that.
  102. AI can automatically scan the household items and place an order for items low on stock. Better than a typical inventory management system where you when to order. These demands keep changing from one season to another and various home-based celebrations.
  103. AI can suggest the product mix to a manufacturing unit for maximizing margins in the next quarter.
  104. Keeping consumer behavior and competitor’s reaction in mind AI can recommend whether increasing or decreasing the price for a specific product in specific geography will improve profitability or not.
  105. AI can predict sales and inventory strategies for Pharma products made for rare diseases.
  106. In the hiring process, AI can predict if a candidate will join a company or not.
  107. In the hiring process, AI can predict if a candidate will be the best fit for that position or not
  108. AI can predict bribery cases and amount in a government office
  109. AI can predict how much fine can be collected in a particular area by traffic police.
  110. AI can help individuals or companies in identifying the best product and its features to concentrate on for future profit maximization.
  111. AI can help us identify the best manufacturer of a certain product.
  112. Even with the fluctuating demands of our products AI can help us maintain optimum stock levels of the raw materials so that there is the least cost of inventory and least impact on production.
  113. For a shared warehouse of multiple companies, AI can AI help maintain optimal stock levels of spare parts.
  114. AI can scan through news articles, read through a company’s annual report, track the progress, perform a technical analysis of scrip, and make buy/sell decisions. And then explain to you why it purchased this particular stock.
  115. From the images of suspected criminals and video records of crime any spot, AI can tell you who is the real culprit and who did what on what date.
  116. You speak some words, which you are searching for, which are available around but in different scripts (Tamil, Russian or Japanese). Your AI-enabled phone camera can scan and tell you the exact location of that and directions to reach that place if it is a little far off.
  117. Using current news and industry trends AI can predict shareholder sentiment and suggest holding, sell, or buy more strategies.
  118. Using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, AI can we make a person available at another location without other people realizing the difference between real and virtual?
  119. How much work of a manager like planning, assignment, tracking progress, and changing a plan can be taken by future AI products? Reducing the need for managerial or clerical or administrative work.
  120. Without security guards, AI can monitor your campus better and give alerts to you or the authority or police based on the situation.
  121. AI-enabled devices can tell you or service providers their service due time or part replacement before machine breakdown.
  122. AI can forecast the electricity, water, internet data, security demand of a city, so that city planning can be done better. Complex dependencies like fuel price, cost of living, population, employment opportunities, work culture, etc can be taken into consideration while modeling.
  123. AI can watch the video and classify it violent, political view, porn, romantic, sad, etc
  124. Give one or a couple of words and tell your AI storyteller to create a 2000 words story. 
  125. AI can look at similar products and generate faq for a given product and the remaining things can be filled, reviewed by the product buyer
  126. Think about the usage of AI in disasters like floods, terror attacks, fire?
  127. Think about the usage of AI in epidemic situations like the Corona virus.
  128. Can AI predict the intent of the speaker and give feedback about the reaction of listeners?
  129. Role of AI in deradicalization of religiously hypnotized common people
  130. Based on the demand and supply AI-based system can change the price dynamically
  131. Based on your conversation with an AI system, it can recommend a certain product or service from your company to the visitor on your website.
  132. Without frisking at a high-security place like an airport or VVIP residence, an AI system can know whether you are carrying anything which is  harmful or dangerous 
  133. What are the different use cases for AI in reducing the downtime of a machine?
  134. If you liked some movie but in your fantasy, you want to play as a hero in that movie. Then AI can create a movie where the hero or heroine of the movie can be replaced for you and you can watch that movie in your own theatre. 
  135. AI can help in real-time translation from one language to another.
  136. AI can check soil conditions and suggest required mineral/or suitable plants or a crop for quality yield.
  137. How can AI be helpful in increasing farmer’s income?
  138. AI can help in detecting whether a Driver is drowsing or not and raise an alarm or stop the vehicle on the roadside.
  139. Based on what you are typing on your phone, what you are speaking on your phone AI can help a person in telling what kind of personality he is. What is his profession? Who can be his possible friend from Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn and other unknown people in the WhatsApp group (you are already part of).
  140. During remote online exams, if you are not seeing on your screen, doing any suspicious activity then at the other end alert can be fired on the invigilator’s screen and your surrounding can be frisked online from a remote location. This way online invigilators need not see all the people all the time.
  141. Based on the photograph of the audience at a specific time during the show, the organizer can know whether the audience was happy or not.
  142. From a photograph of your hero or friend, an AI system can tell you what is the brand they are wearing, from where you can buy that piece of clothing, and how much it will cost you.
  143. Two people can talk peacefully in noisy environments if they are using AI noise cancellation devices.
  144. AI can tell you which comment or review is spam or which is ham
  145. An AI app can watch a video of your family function and caption who all are available in a particular frame. And who didn’t come however invited by you?
  146. AI can classify news in different categories like local, national, regional, international. Financial, political, cinema, crime, etc.
  147. AI can detect  lung diseases from your cough sound
  148. AI-based enabled drones can spray the medicine only in the area where the disease exists in the farm field
  149. AI-enabled cameras can identify if people are violating social distancing norms.