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ChatGPT Usecases

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is general purpose - “chat model” from OpenAI. It is a language model, which means if you type some text then it can understand and respond to you appropriately. At this point in time, it is not accepting voice commands, neither able to process images or videos. A general-purpose model means it can understand the question coming from any domain of life. A domain may be vertical or horizontal. A vertical domain means where a vendor is supplying a product or service for a specific type of customer. A horizontal domain is where a vendor supplies products or services for all types of customer. Healthcare, banking, logistic, insurance, agriculture, philosophy, history, and economics are one kind of verticals whereas BPO, Quality Management, Software Development, Taxation, HR, IT Security, Accounting, Office Administration, Catering, and Entertainment are other kind of domains. A general-purpose model can understand the questions from all aspects of life whether business vertical or horizontal or normal daily family or conflicts with other group members, family members, etc.

Creating a general-purpose model is an extremely difficult task in AI. We are at the start of of 2023 and OpenAI’s chat GPT is storming the market. With this kind of large language model, the AI journey is going to be very interesting. It is going to impact: the way we think, ask questions, solve problems, engage with others, share knowledge, value knowledge, and almost everything wherever knowledge is the key. In the coming time, people will improve their existing knowledge/information/data products. They will come up with domain-specific new products and the heart of those systems is going to be ChatGPT or similar products of the future. To create a ChatGPT kind of model you need millions of dollars, lots of data, hardware, and lots of time. But, running these systems is not easy in any way. You need expensive hardware to compute the parameters of these large language models. OpenAI said to perform a simple query on ChatGPT, it takes 4-5 times more resources than the resources required on Google. But the kinds of results ChatGPT provides are far superior to SEO-optimized links thrown by Google on the screen. It is going to challenge Google.

And wait, all this is based on GPT3. GPT4 is going to storm the market in the next couple of weeks or months.

ChatGPT Usecases.

As I mentioned ChatGPT is a general-purpose language model system, therefore, I tried to ask different kinds of questions from this and took screenshots of the answer that it has thrown for me. I have spent some good time on this, explored it, and created many good use-case scenarios. But in the case of ChatGPT sky is the limit, you can do much more than what I am sharing with you. Let’s see some applications of ChatGPT.

Career Counselling with ChatGPT

Whether you are starting your career or in the mid of your career or want to switch your career, you have lots of questions. You don’t get the right person to brainstorm or recommend. I asked some questions to ChatGPT and it can engage in a very interesting way and provide guidance like any human excerpt will provide.


Fixing Website Coding Issue with ChatGPT

I wanted to fix some issues which were related to website migration and it was having an impact on Google search. It gave me a correct solution with code.


Learning History with ChatGPT

Normally we get obsessed with history and think it is fact. I asked some questions on history and it was much more mature than our TV debaters.


Poetry with ChatGPT

Poetry is a work of a creative and artistic mind. It is not easy to write poetry that too on any subject. I asked ChatGPT to write Shakespearian-style poetry on “time and life”. And it will force you to think if this machine is not thinking then what is thinking?


After giving a context I asked ChatGPT to predict the impact of that on the Job market. And it is telling me all the pros and cons.


Keyword planning is very tiring, boring, and painful work (at least for me). I provided some ideas to ChatGPT and asked it to recommend some keywords. It recommended some words, when I tried traffic for these words then it is reasonably good.


Translation from Sanskrit to English with ChatGPT

Sanskrit is a complex language. The translation is not easy. I asked chatGPT to translate this sloka into English and Vola!


Google Search vs ChatGPT Problem Solving

I asked the same technical question to google search and chatGPT. But chatGPT gives me the answer which I can apply and solve my problem. And google search is giving me hundreds of links many of which are ads!


Investment Advice

On investment we have many questions, and we solve those in our way. I just wanted to check whether ChatGPT can solve this simple puzzle and what approach it takes for this, and here is the answer. Investment-Advice

Solving Coding Problems like Leet

Coding questions of Leet are of very high quality. I didn’t want to go into a complex problem, so provided URL of a simple question, and here is the answer. It is giving the entire code you can write into the code window and execute flawlessly or with minimum change.


Explain Complex Subject Matter

I asked it to explain to me Quantum Computing in simple words and see what can be simpler than this.


Write Ads with ChatGPT

Creating unique ads is always challenging. It is a very creative work. I thought to try creating some Facebook ads with ChatGPT. If you give better context and engage more then you can better answer than this.


Creating Product Description with ChatGPT

Here I wanted to create a product description of Indian Thali. And see how it is describing the product and listing items.


Create a WordPress plugin

Writing WordPress plug is a complicated task. Because it needs to take care of the existing framework and where to write that code. Apart from that when you want to integrate that with other systems like Twitter or Facebook it becomes more complicated. But ChatGPT is a good friend as well.


Audit and fix existing code

If you have some issue with your code, and ask ChatGPT to review the code. This it can tell you what is wrong in the code and how to fix it.

Customized Meal Plan

Most of my friends know I am very particular about my food. This time I had a long argument with ChatGPT about the food finally it suggested me something. I am not going to eat it. But see how it is remembering all the past discussions and improving answers every next time.


Customzied Workout Plan

This time I asked ChatGPT about exercise, body fitness, and Yoga. Now see, how it is understanding the difference and adjusting the workout plan.


Generate Ideas

I asked ChatGPT to generate some ideas on a specific topic and it gives me a long list of ideas. ChatGPT-IdeaGeneration

Summarise Article or Books.

Sometimes you are in hurry and don’t have time to read a good book. Now, you won’t complain about that. Ask ChatGPT to summarise that for you. You can read that summary or listen to the summary.



ChatGPT is very promising and disruptive technology from OpenAI. Shortly, it is going to change the market in a big way. How search market going to shape? Microsoft along with OpenAI has a stake in ChatGPT, so how it is going to affect services from Bing, and consequently, how is it going to affect the search market? What will be the cost of search services? What will be the impact of this on the advertisement business? What are the new products going to come into the market etc? We just need to wait and watch for the answers to these questions. If you are a technology investor/enthusiast then you must be planning to ride this huge wave. If you are an information consumer then your way of consuming information is going to change. It is going to shake many of the jobs from the market and going to create new job opportunities. It is a time for you to learn it now and shape your career before ChatGPT-based AI products and services destroy it for you.