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AI Projects Project Ideas

AI, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP Project Ideas

Project Name/Idea Type of Project
IPL 2022 Analysis using Python Analysis
Uber Trips Analysis Analysis
Waiter Tips Analysis & Prediction Analysis
Time Series Analysis Analysis
Stock Market Analysis Analysis
Movie Rating Analysis for Beginners Analysis
Unemployment Analysis Analysis
Water Quality Analysis Analysis
Google Search Analysis Analysis
WhatsApp Chats Analysis Analysis
Smartwatch Data Analysis Analysis
Instagram Reach Analysis and Prediction Analysis
Smartwatch Data Analysis Analysis
Covid-19 Vaccine Analysis Analysis
Financial Budget Analysis Analysis
Worldwide Billionaires Analysis Analysis
Best Streaming Service Analysis Analysis
Virat Kohli Performance Analysis Analysis
Covid-19 Spread and Impacts Analysis Analysis
Data Science Project on Birth Rate Analysis Analysis
Twitter Sentiment Analysis Classification
Real-time Sentiment Analysis Classification
Squid Game Sentiment Analysis Classification
Hotel Reviews Sentiment Analysis Classification
Tinder Reviews Sentiment Analysis Classification
Tiktok Reviews Sentiment Analysis Classification
Pfizer Vaccine Sentiment Analysis Classification
WhatsApp Chats Sentiment Analysis Classification
Omicron Variant Sentiment Analysis Classification
Flipkart Reviews Sentiment Analysis Classification
Google Play Store Sentiment Analysis Classification
Amazon Alexa Reviews Sentiment Analysis Classification
Amazon Product Reviews Sentiment Analysis Classification
Ukraine vs Russia Twitter Sentiment Analysis Classification
Adding Labels to a Dataset for Sentiment Analysis Classification
Classification Model Evaluation Classification
MNIST Digits Classification Classification
Classification with Neural Networks Classification
News Classification Classification
Iris Flower Classification Classification
Comparison of Classification Algorithms Classification
Insurance Prediction Classification
Spam Detection Classification
Sarcasm Detection Classification
Hate Speech Detection Classification
End-to-end Hate Speech Detection System Classification
End-to-end Fake News Detection System Classification
End-to-end Spam Detection System Classification
Real-time Gender Detection System Classification
Social Media Ads Classification Classification
Fake News Detection Classification
Gender Detection Classification
Mobile Price Classification Classification
Password Strength Checker with Machine Learning Classification
Spam Comments Detection Classification
Online Payments Fraud Detection Classification
Breast Cancer Survival Prediction Classification
Stress Detection Classification
Language Detection Classification
Language Detection Classification
Clustering Music Genres with Machine Learning Clustering
AlexNet Neural Network Architecture CV
Count Objects in Image CV-Object Detection
End-to-End Machine Learning Model ML
End-to-end Machine Learning Project ML
Complete Process of NLP with Python NLP
Interactive Language Translator NLP
Create a Chatbot with Python NLP
Text Summarization NLP-IE
Keyword Extraction NLP-IE
Netflix Recommendation System Recommendation
Restaurant Recommendation System Recommendation
Book Recommendation System Recommendation
Instagram Recommendation System Recommendation
Article Recommendation System Recommendation
Amazon Recommendation System Recommendation
House Rent Prediction Regression
Website Traffic Forecasting Regression
Online Food Order Prediction Regression
Student Marks Prediction Regression
Netflix Stock Price Prediction Regression
Health Insurance Premium Prediction Regression
Car Price Prediction Model Regression
Video Game Sales Prediction Model Regression
Student Grades Prediction Model Regression
Click-Through Rate Prediction Model Regression
Data Science Project on Area and Population Regression
Apple Stock Price Prediction Time Series
Tesla Stock Price Prediction Model Time Series
Data Science Project on Time Series Time Series
Social Media Followers Prediction Time Series
Dogecoin Price Prediction Time Series
Sales Prediction Time Series
Currency Exchange Rate Prediction Time Series
Automatic Time Series Forecasting Time Series
Future Sales Prediction Time Series
Time Series Forecasting with ARIMA Time Series
Cryptocurrency Price Prediction for the next 30 days Time Series
Stock Price Prediction Time Series
Covid-19 Deaths Prediction Time Series
Stock Price Prediction with LSTM Neural Network Time Series
Future Sales Prediction Time Series
Product Demand Prediction Time Series
Electricity Price Prediction Time Series
Cryptocurrency Price Prediction Time Series
Tata Motors Stock Price Prediction Time Series
Number of Orders Prediction Time Series
Microsoft Stock Price Prediction Time Series