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Google Cloud Service Catalog

Google Cloud Service Catalog

A Comprehensive Overview of 250+ Google Cloud Services
All these services are availalbe at Link


In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud computing, Google Cloud entered recently compare to AWS and Azure. But it stands out as a prominent player, offering a vast array of services and solutions to empower businesses and developers. With over 250+ services available, navigating the expansive Google Cloud ecosystem can be a daunting task. However, understanding these services and their functionalities is crucial for harnessing the full potential of the platform and provide the right technical solution of any business problem. In this comprehensive guide, I will take you through the diverse landscape of Google Cloud services, shedding light on their purposes. Whether you are a seasoned cloud professional or new to the Google Cloud environment, this article aims to demystify the complexity and provide you with valuable insights into the extensive toolkit Google Cloud has to offer. You can bookmark this page for future reference.

AI and ML

  1. AutoML: Custom low-code models Doc
  2. Cloud TPU: Hardware acceleration for ML Link Doc
  3. Cloud Translation: Language detection and translation Link Doc
  4. Cloud Vision: Image recognition and classification Link Doc
  5. Contact Center AI: AI in your contact centerLink Doc
  6. Deep Learning Containers: Preconfigured containers for deep learning Link Doc
  7. Deep Learning VM Images: Preconfigured VMs for deep learning Link Doc
  8. Dialogflow: Create conversational interfaces Link Doc
  9. Document AI: Analyze, classify, search documents Link Doc
  10. Recommendations AI: Create custom recommendations Link Doc
  11. Speech-To-Text: Convert audio to text Link Doc
  12. Talent Solutions: Job search with ML Link Doc
  13. Text-To-Speech: Convert text to audio Link Doc
  14. Vertex AI Data Labeling: Data labeling by humans Doc
  15. Vertex AI Edge Manager: Deploy monitor edge inferences Doc
  16. Vertex AI Feature Store: Managed ML feature repository Link Doc
  17. Vertex AI Matching Engine: Vector similarity searches LinkDoc
  18. Vertex AI Model Monitoring: Monitor models for skew/drift Link Doc
  19. Vertex AI Pipelines: Hosted ML workflowsLink
  20. Vertex AI Predictions: Autoscaled model serving Doc
  21. Vertex AI Tensorboard: Managed TensorBoard for ML-experiment Visualization Link Doc
  22. Vertex AI Training: Distributed AI training Doc
  23. Vertex AI Vizier: black-box hyperparameter tuning Link Doc
  24. Vertex AI Workbench:Jupyter-based environment for Data Science Link Doc
  25. Vertex Explainable AI: Understand ML model predictions Link Doc
  26. Vertex ML Metadata: Artifact, lineage, and execution tracking Link Doc
  27. Vision Product Search: Visual search for products Doc

Data Analytics

  1. BigQuery BI Engine: In-memory analytics engine Doc
  2. BigQuery Data Transfer Service: Automated data ingestion service Doc
  3. Automated data ingestion service Link
  4. BigQuery GIS: BigQuery geospatial functions/support Doc
  5. BigQuery ML: BigQuery model training/serving Doc
  6. BigQuery: Data warehouse and analytics Link Doc
  7. Cloud Composer: Managed workflow orchestration service Link Doc
  8. Cloud Data Fusion: Graphically manage data pipelines Link Doc
  9. Connected Sheets: Spreadsheet interface for (big)data Doc
  10. Data Catalog: Metadata management service Link Doc
  11. Dataflow: Stream/batch data processing Link Doc
  12. Dataprep by Trifacta: Visual data wrangling Link Doc
  13. Dataproc: Managed Spark and Hadoop Link Doc
  14. Datastream: Change data capture/replication service Link Doc
  15. Google Data Studio: Collaborative data exploration/dashboarding Link Doc
  16. Looker: Enterprise BI and analytics Link
  17. Pub/Sub: Global real-time messaging Link Doc
  18. Public Datasets: Hosted data in BigQueryDoc


  1. AlloyDB: Scalable & performant PostgreSQL-compatible DB Link
  2. Cloud Bigtable: Petabyte-scale, low-latency, non-relational Link Doc
  3. Cloud Firestore: Serverless NoSQL document database Link Doc
  4. Cloud Memorystore: Managed Redis and Memcached Link Doc
  5. Cloud Spanner: Horizontally scalable relational database Link Doc
  6. Cloud SQL Insights: SQL Inspector Link Doc
  7. Cloud SQL: Managed MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server Link Doc
  8. Database Migration Service: Migrate to Cloud SQL Link Doc

Developer Tools

  1. App Engine Plugins: Gradle/Maven App Engine plugin Link
  2. Cloud Code for IntelliJ: IntelliJ Google Cloud tools Link
  3. Cloud Code for VS Code: VS Code Google Cloud tools Link
  4. Cloud Code: Cloud native IDE extensions Link Doc
  5. Cloud SDK: CLI for Google Cloud Link Doc
  6. Cloud Shell: Browser-based terminal/CLI Link Doc
  7. Cloud Tools for Eclipse: Eclipse Google Cloud tools Link
  8. Cloud Tools for Visual Studio: Visual Studio Google Cloud tools Link

DevOps CI/CD

  1. Artifact Registry: Universal package manager Link Doc
  2. Cloud Build: Continuous integration/delivery platform Link Doc
  3. Cloud Deploy: Deployment pipeline for GKE Link Doc
  4. Cloud Source Repositories: Hosted private git repos Link Doc
  5. Automated security scanning
  6. Container Registry: Private container registry/storage Link Doc


  1. App Engine: Managed app platform Link Doc
  2. Bare Metal Solution: Hardware for specialized workloads Link
  3. Cloud Functions: Event-driven serverless functions Link Doc
  4. Cloud Run: Serverless for containerized applications Link Doc
  5. Compute Engine: VMs, GPUs, TPUs, Disks Link Doc
  6. Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE): Managed Kubernetes/containers Link Doc
  7. Preemptible VMs: Short-lived compute instances Link Doc
  8. Shielded VMs: Hardened VMs Link Doc
  9. Sole-tenant Nodes: Dedicated physical servers Link Doc
  10. VMware Engine: VMware as a service Link Doc


  1. Cloud Filestore: Managed NFS server Link Doc
  2. Cloud Storage: Multi-class multi-region object storageLink Doc
  3. Local SSD: VM locally attached SSDs Link Doc
  4. Persistent Disk: Block storage for VMs Link Doc


  1. Anthos Service Mesh: Service-aware network management Link Doc
  2. Carrier Peering: Peer through a carrier Doc
  3. DDoS protection and WAF
  4. Cloud CDN: Content delivery network Link Doc
  5. Cloud DNS: Programmable DNS serving Link Doc
  6. Cloud Domains: Register, transfer, manager domains Link Doc
  7. Cloud IDS: Detects network based threats Link Doc
  8. Cloud Load Balancing: Multi-region load distribution/balancing Link Doc
  9. Cloud NAT: Network address translation service Doc
  10. Cloud Router: VPC/on-prem network route exchange (BGP) Doc
  11. Cloud VPN: Virtual private network connectionDoc
  12. Dedicated Interconnect: Dedicated private network connection Doc
  13. Direct Peering: Peer with Google Cloud Doc
  14. Google Cloud Armor: DDoS protection and WAF Link Doc
  15. Network Connectivity Center: Connect VPC & On-prem Link Doc
  16. Network Intelligence Center: Network monitoring and topology Link Doc
  17. Network Service Tiers: Price versus performance tiering Link Doc
  18. Network Telemetry: Network telemetry service Link Doc
  19. Packet Mirroring: Monitor/analyze instance traffic Doc
  20. Partner Interconnect: Connect on-prem network to VPC Doc
  21. Private Service Connect: Privately connect services across VPCs Link Doc
  22. Service Directory: Centrally publish/discover/connect services Link Doc
  23. Traffic Director: Service mesh traffic management Link Doc
  24. Optimized files for delivery
  25. Virtual Private Cloud: Software defined networking Link Doc
  26. VPC Service Controls: Security perimeters for API-based services Link Doc

Identity and Security

  1. Access Context Manager: End-user attribute-based access control Link Doc
  2. Access Transparency: Audit cloud provider access Link Doc
  3. Assured Workloads: Workload compliance controls Link Doc
  4. BeyondCorp Enterprise: Zero trust secure access Link Doc
  5. Binary Authorization: Kubernetes deploy-time security Link Doc
  6. Certificate Authority Service: Managed private CAs Link Doc
  7. Chronicle: Find threats from security telemetry Link
  8. Cloud Asset Inventory: All assets, one place Link Doc
  9. Cloud Audit Logs: Audit trails for Google Cloud Link Doc
  10. Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Classify and redact sensitive data Link Doc
  11. Cloud External Key Manager (EKM): External keys you control Link Doc
  12. Cloud HSM: Hardware security module service Link Doc
  13. Cloud IAM: Resource access control Link Doc
  14. Cloud Identity: Manage users, devices & apps Link Doc
  15. Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy: Identity-based app access Link Doc
  16. Cloud Key Management Service: Hosted key management service Link Doc
  17. Confidential Computing: Encrypt data in-use Link Doc
  18. End-user attribute-based access control
  19. Event Threat Detection: Scans for suspicious activity Link
  20. Drop-in Authentication, Access-Management
  21. Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory: Managed Microsoft Active Directory Link Doc
  22. reCAPTCHA Enterprise: Protection against bot/spam/abuse Link Doc
  23. Resource Manager: Cloud project metadata management Link Doc
  24. Risk Manager: Evaluate organization’s security posture Link
  25. Secret Manager: Store and manage secrets Link Doc
  26. Security Command Center: Security management and data risk platform Link Doc
  27. Security Key Enforcement: Two-step key verification Link
  28. Shielded VMs: Hardened VMs Link Doc
  29. Titan Security Key: Two-factor authentication (2FA) device Link
  30. VirusTotal: Research/hunt for malware Link
  31. VPC Service Controls: VPC data constraints Link Doc
  32. Web Security Scanner: App engine security scanner Link Doc
  33. Web Security Scanner: Identifies web-app security vulnerabilities Doc

Management Tools

  1. Cloud APIs: APIs for cloud services Link Doc
  2. Cloud Billing API: Programmatically manage Google Cloud billing Doc
  3. Cloud Billing: Billing and cost management tools Link Doc
  4. Cloud Console: Web-based management console Link
  5. Cloud Deployment Manager: Templated infrastructure deployment Link Doc
  6. Cloud Mobile App: iOS/Android Google Cloud manager app Link
  7. Private Catalog: Internal Solutions Catalog Link Doc
  8. VM Manager: Manage OS VM Fleets Doc

Application Integration

  1. Cloud Scheduler: Managed cron job service Link Doc
  2. Cloud Tasks: Asynchronous task execution Link Doc
  3. Eventarc: Event-driven Cloud Run services Link Doc
  4. Pub/Sub: Global real-time messaging Link Doc
  5. Workflows: HTTP services orchestration Link Doc


  1. Google Cloud Game Servers: Orchestrate Agones clusters Link

Mobile (Firebase)

  1. Cloud Firestore: Document store and sync Link
  2. Cloud Functions for Firebase: Event-driven serverless applications Link
  3. Cloud Storage for Firebase: Object storage and serving Link
  4. Crashlytics: Crash reporting and analytics Link
  5. Firebase A/B Testing: Create A/B test experiments Link
  6. Firebase App Distribution: Trusted tester early access Link
  7. Firebase Authentication: Drop-in authentication Link
  8. Firebase Cloud Messaging: Send device notifications Link
  9. Firebase Dynamic Links: Link to app content Link
  10. Firebase Extensions: Pre-packaged development solutions Link
  11. Firebase Hosting: Web hosting with CDN/SSL Link
  12. Firebase In-App Messaging: Send in-app contextual messages Link
  13. Firebase Performance Monitoring: App/web performance monitoring Link
  14. Firebase Predictions: Predict user targeting Link
  15. Firebase Realtime Database: Real-time data synchronization Link
  16. Firebase Remote Config: Remotely configure installed apps Link
  17. Firebase Test Lab: Mobile testing device farm Link
  18. Google Analytics for Firebase: Mobile app analytics Link
  19. ML Kit for Firebase: ML APIs for mobile Link

Workspace Platform

  1. Admin SDK: Manage Google Workspace resources Link
  2. AMP for Email: Dynamic interactive email Link
  3. Apps Script: Extend and automate everything Link
  4. Calendar API: Create and manage calendars Link
  5. Classroom API: Provision and manage classrooms Link
  6. Cloud Search: Unified search for enterprise Link
  7. Docs API: Create and edit documents Link
  8. Drive Activity API: Retrieve Google Drive activity Link
  9. Drive API: Read and write files Link
  10. Drive Picker: Drive file selection widget Link
  11. Email Markup: Interactive email using schema.org Link
  12. Gmail API: Enhance Gmail Link
  13. Google Chats API: Conversational bots in chat Link
  14. Google Workspace Add-ons: Extend Google Workspace apps Link
  15. Google Workspace Marketplace: Storefront for integrated applications Link
  16. People API: Manage user’s Contacts Link
  17. Sheets API: Read and write spreadsheets Link
  18. Slides API: Create and edit presentations Link
  19. Task API: Search, read & update Tasks Link
  20. Vault API: Manage your organization’s eDiscovery Link

Google Maps Platform

  1. Directions API: Get directions between locations Link
  2. Distance Matrix API: Multi-origin/destination travel times Link
  3. Geocoding API: Convert address to/from coordinates Link
  4. Geolocation API: Derive location without GPS Link
  5. Maps Embed API: Display iframe embedded maps Link
  6. Maps JavaScript API: Dynamic web maps Link
  7. Maps SDK for Android: Maps for Android apps Link
  8. Maps SDK for iOS: Maps for iOS apps Link
  9. Maps SDK for Unity: Unity SDK for games Link
  10. Maps Static API: Display static map images Link
  11. Maps URLs: URL scheme for maps Link
  12. Places API: Rest-based Places features Link
  13. Places Library, Maps JS API: Places features for web Link
  14. Places SDK for Android: Places features for Android Link
  15. Places SDK for iOS: Places feature for iOS Link
  16. Roads API: Convert coordinates to roads Link
  17. Street View Service: Street view for JavaScript Link
  18. Street View Static API: Static street view images Link
  19. Time Zone API: Convert coordinates to timezone Link

Hybrid and multi-cloud

  1. Anthos clusters: Hybrid/on-premises GKE Link Doc
  2. Anthos Config Management:Policy and security automation Link Doc
  3. Anthos Service Mesh: Managed service mesh (Istio) Link Doc
  4. Anthos: Enterprise hybrid/multi-cloud platform Link Doc
  5. Apigee API Management: API management, development, security Link
  6. Cloud Run for Anthos: Serverless development for Anthos Link Doc
  7. Google Cloud Marketplace for Anthos: Pre-configured containerized apps Link Doc
  8. Migrate for Anthos and GKE: Migrate VMs to GKE Link Doc
  9. Google Cloud’s operations suite: Monitoring, logging, troubleshooting Link Doc
  10. Traffic Director: Service mesh traffic management Link Doc

API Platform and Ecosystems

  1. API Analytics: API metrics Link
  2. API Gateway: Fully managed API Gateway Link
  3. API Monetization: Monetize APIs Link
  4. Apigee API Platform: Develop, secure, monitor APIs Link
  5. Apigee Hybrid: Manage hybrid/multi-cloud API environments LinkDoc
  6. Apigee Sense: API protection from attacks Link
  7. AppSheet: No-code App creation Link
  8. Cloud Endpoints: Cloud API gateway Link
  9. Developer Portal: API management portal Link
  10. Google Cloud Marketplace: Partner & open source marketplace Link


  1. Apigee Healthcare APIx: Healthcare system Google Cloud interoperability Link
  2. Cloud Healthcare API: Healthcare system Google Cloud interoperability Link
  3. Cloud Life Sciences_*: Manage, process, transform biomedical-data LinkDoc
  4. Healthcare Natural Language AI: Real-time insights from media-text Link

Operations & Monitoring

  1. Cloud Logging: Centralized logging Link Doc
  2. Cloud Monitoring: Infrastructure and application monitoring Link Doc
  3. Cloud Profiler: CPU and heap profiling Link Doc
  4. Cloud Trace: App latency insights Link Doc
  5. Error Reporting: App error reporting Link Doc


  1. Vision Product Search: Visual search for products Doc
  2. Recommendations AI: Create custom recommendations Link Doc
  3. Visual Inspection AI: Train/deploy models to detect defects Link

Migration to Google Cloud

  1. BigQuery Data Transfer Service: Bulk import analytics data Link Doc
  2. Cloud Data Transfer: Data migration tools/CLI Link
  3. Cloud Foundation Toolkit: Infrastructure as Code templates Link
  4. KF: Cloud Foundry to Kubernetes Link
  5. Migrate for Anthos and GKE: Migrate VMs to GKE Link Doc
  6. Migrate for Compute Engine: Compute Engine migration tools Link Doc
  7. Migrate from Amazon Redshift: Migrate from Redshift to BigQuery Link
  8. Migrate from Teradata: Migrate from Teradata to BigQuery Link
  9. Storage Transfer Service: Online/on-premises data transfer Doc
  10. Transfer Appliance: Rentable data transport box Link Doc


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YouTube Channels:

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  1. /r/googlecloud: Link
  2. /r/AppEngine: Link
  3. /r/bigquery: Link
  4. /r/dataflow: Link
  5. /r/firebase: Link
  6. /r/GoogleAppsScript: Link


  1. Big Data / Data Analytics Product Comparisons: Link
  2. Compute Product Comparisons: Link
  3. Database Product Comparisons: Link
  4. Networking Product Comparisons: Link
  5. Storage Product Comparisons: Link

Google Cloud Foundational Open Source Projects

  1. Apache Beam: Batch/streaming data processing Link
  2. Go: High Concurrency Programming Language Link
  3. gRPC: RPC framework Link
  4. gVisor: Secure container runtime Link
  5. Istio: Connect and secure services Link
  6. Knative: Serverless framework for Kubernetes Link
  7. Kubeflow: ML toolkit for Kubernetes Link
  8. Kubernetes: Management of containerized applications Link
  9. OpenCensus: Cloud native observability framework Link
  10. TensorFlow: ML framework Link

Corss Platform Comparisons

  1. Google Cloud Platform for AWS Professionals: Doc
  2. Google Cloud Platform for Azure Professionals: Doc
  3. Google Cloud Platform for Data Center Professionals: Doc
  4. Google Cloud Platform for OpenStack Users: Doc

Language Specific Documentation

  1. Apps Script: Doc
  2. Java: Doc
  3. Node.js: Doc
  4. Python: Doc
  5. Go: Doc
  6. Ruby: Doc
  7. PHP: Doc
  8. .NET/C#: Doc