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Future Technologies

Top 10 Technologies of Future

  1. Augmented Reality :
    Helps surgeons see inside their patients
    Help workers operating in dangerous conditions
  2. Lab-Grown Meat: To save the environment
    Address the ethical issues raised by industrial farming
  3. Quantum Computers: Using quantum mechanics to make calculations. These computers are many thousand times faster than our today’s computers.
  4. Plasmonic Materials: Light controlled nanomaterial
    Cure invisible cloak, nano-particles to kill cancer.
  5. Super Advance Personal Assitant. Experts are feeling that you can do ethical debates with digital helpers.
  6. Electroceuticals
    Illness treatment using electricity. Like epilepsy, depression, migraine, obesity, arthritis. It will reduce dependency on drugs and improve the immunity of our system.
  7. Drug Making Cell Implants:
    Tiny drug-making factories will be implanted into patients’ bodies to deliver medicine exactly when you need it and where you need it in the body.
  8. Gene Drives:
    Gene editing to fight disease and wipe out dangerous species like malaria-carrying mosquitos
  9. AI Molecular Design:
    Algorithm to speed up designing new drugs.
  10. Personalized Medicine:
    The drug will be uniquely tailored to your body and the doctor will be able to give you a personal risk assessment.

Source: World Economic Forum