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Customized PM Courses

Customized Project Management Courses

Apart from the certification courses where the course outline is fixed by the certification bodies, I also conduct need-based training courses for the organizations. Course outlines of these courses are drafted and finalized based on the need of the organization. If you are looking from an organization’s competency-building perspective then it is recommended you go for customized courses.

Why Customized Project Management Courses?

  • Every organization has different kinds of projects (depending upon the industry, USP, and core competency). Sometimes nature of these projects demands special attention to a specific aspect.
  • When some resource(s) joins/leaves some team competency and capability of the entire shifts. Because using osmotic learning people learn from each other. This factor also needs to be considered during a training course.
  • Every organization has some set of regular compliances due to ISO, CMMI, ISMS, etc. Sometimes it becomes necessary to bring that context in the classroom because the team is continuously failing to understand the importance.
  • Sometimes in a team, everybody knows something but no one has the full picture or confidence to conduct project management activities. You need to bring all people on the same page.
  • Sometimes there are some training courses that are essential for the project but there is no certification or standard course outline in the market.
  • Sometimes due to time or budget constraints you do not want to cover the complete course outline of any standard course, so you want to fill a high-priority gap.

Broad Topics of  Customized Project Management Courses

  1. Fundamentals of Project Management
  2. Fundamental of Agile/Scrum
  3. Agile Project Management
  4. Project Estimation & Costing
  5. Project Costing Best Practices
  6. Project Scheduling
  7. Project Scheduling Best Practices
  8. Quality Management
  9. Project Leadership
  10. Project Communications & Stakeholders Management
  11. Project Management for Research & Development
  12. Project Management for Infrastructure Development
  13. Project Management for Software Development
  14. A bridge between PMP to PRINCE2
  15. Metrics: Measurement and Analysis
  16. Software Sizing Method- Function Point Analysis (FPA)
  17. Project Risk Management
  18. Procurement Management in Project
  19. Emotional & Spiritual Quotient in Project Management
  20. Project Management & Organizational Strategy
  21. Email Etiquette in Project Environment
  22. Selecting Right Tools for Project Management
  23. Entrepreneur Mindset for Project Success
  24. Estimation in Agile Project
  25. Agile & EVM (Earned Value Management)
  26. Agile & Scrum
  27. CMMI vs ISO, which one shall we go to?
  28. Agile project management in CMMI Environment
  29. Agile project management in ISO Environment