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Microsoft Enterprise Project Server For Executives

Microsoft Enterprise Project Server for Executives

Course Outline EPM for Executives

Module 01: Introducing Microsoft Project Server

  • What Is Microsoft EPM?
  • Understand Project Management Theory
  • Understanding Enterprise Project Management Terminology
  • Enterprise Project
  • Enterprise Resource
  • Check In and Check Out
  • Understanding the Communications Life Cycle
  • Understanding Tracking Methods

Module 02: Preparing to Use Project Server

  • Using the Project Web App User Interface
  • Logging into Project Web App from another Workstation
  • Using the Quick Launch Menu
  • Using the Ribbon Menus
  • Applying and Working with Views
  • Exporting the Data Grid to Excel

Module 03: Creating New Proposed Project

  • Understanding Lifecycle Management
  • Understanding Demand Management
  • Understanding Decision Management
  • Introducing Project Types
  • Understanding Phases and Stages
  • Understanding Project Detail Pages
  • Creating a New Project Proposal
  • Definition of a Proposal in Project Server
  • Initiating a Proposal
  • Approving a New Project Proposal
  • Completing the Sample Workflow Proposal Details Stage

Module 04: Tracking Time and Task Management

  • Tracking Time in Project Web App
  • Reporting Progress from the Tasks Page
  • Using Percent of Work Complete
  • Best Practice: Using Percent of Work Complete
  • Using Actual Work Done and Work Remaining
  • Best Practice: Using Actual Work Done and Work Remaining
  • Using Hours of Work Done per Period
  • Best Practice: Using Hours of Work Done per Period

Module 05:Managing Personal Settings

  • Personal Settings Overview
  • Managing Alerts and Reminders for Yourself

Module 06:Collaborating with Project Sites

  • Understanding Project Sites
  • Tracking Project Risks
  • Viewing and Editing Existing Risks
  • Managing Project Issues
  • Viewing Your Assigned Issues and Risks
  • Managing Project Documents
  • Viewing and Creating Document Libraries
  • Uploading Documents to a Document Library
  • Creating a New Folder in a Documents Library
  • Working with Existing Documents in a Documents Library
  • Viewing and Editing Document Properties
  • Checking Out a Document Manually
  • Working with Document Copies
  • Editing a Document
  • Viewing the Version History for a Document
  • Deleting Documents and Document Versions
  • Creating a New Calendar Event
  • Creating a Meeting Workspace for an Event
  • Working with Existing Calendar Events
  • Connecting SharePoint Calendars to Outlook
  • Using Team Discussions
  • Creating a New Team Discussion
  • Working with a Team Discussion

Module 07:Working with Status Reports

  • Requesting a Status Report
  • Editing and Deleting Status Reports
  • Responding to a Status Report Request
  • Submitting an Unrequested Status Report
  • Viewing the Status Report Archive
  • Viewing Status Report Responses
  • Viewing Unrequested Status Reports

Module 08:Working with Project Center and Project Views

  • Using the Project Center
  • Using the Projects Ribbon in the Project Center
  • Using Project Center Views
  • Working with Detailed Project Views
  • Editing Projects in Project Web App
  • Editing Individual Projects in Project Web App
  • Renaming a Project using Project Web App
  • Editing the Project Schedule in Project Web App
  • Limitations when Editing Projects in Project Web App
  • Tips for Editing Projects in Project Web App
  • Checking In a Project from Project Web App
  • Understanding Show/Hide Options
  • Navigating to the Project Site
  • Project Center Summary