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Microsoft Enterprise Project Server For Project Managers

Microsoft Enterprise Project Server for Project Managers

Course Outline EPM for Project Managers

Module 01: Introducing Microsoft Project Server

  • What Is Microsoft EPM?
  • Understand Project Management Theory
  • Understanding Project Server Data Analysis
  • Understanding Custom Fields
  • Understanding Tracking MethodsModule 02: Preparing to Use Project Server
  • Using the Project Web Access User Interface
  • Creating a Login Account in Project Professional
  • Working with Proposals and Activity Plans

Module 03: Creating Enterprise Project

  • Creating an Enterprise Project Using Project Professional
  • Defining an Enterprise Project
  • Opening and Closing Projects
  • Working with Offline Projects
  • Importing Projects

Module 04: Task Planning

  • Using a Task Planning Process
  • Understanding Change Highlighting
  • Planning Project Tasks
  • Using Task Dependencies
  • Setting Task Constraints and Deadline Dates
  • Assigning Task Calendars
  • Estimating Task Durations

Module 05: Resource and Assignment Planning

  • Understand Enterprise Resources
  • Building a Project Team
  • Assigning Resources Using the Task Entry View
  • Assigning Resources Using the Assign Resources Dialog
  • Assigning Cost Resources
  • Using the Resource Substitution Wizard
  • Leveling Overallocated Resources

Module 06: Project Execution

  • Analyzing the Critical Path
  • Understanding Task Drivers
  • Working with Project Baselines
  • Understanding Publishing
  • Managing Project Deliverables

Module 07: Tracking Time and Task Progress

  • Tracking Time in Project Web Access
  • Tracking Task Progress in Project Web Access
  • Using Other Task Activities
  • Using the Task Center

Module 8: Approving Time and Task Progress

  • Viewing Unsubmitted Timesheet
  • Viewing the Adjusting Submitted timesheets
  • Approving Timesheets
  • Approving Administrative Time Requests
  • Viewing Task Updates
  • Approving Task updates

Module 9:Variance Analysis and Plan Revision

  • Understanding Variance
  • Analyzing Project Variance
  • Revising a Project Plan
  • Using a Change control Process
  • Rebaselining Your Project

Module 10: Managing Personal Settings

  • Personal Settings Overview
  • Changing Your Password
  • Managing Alerts and reminders for Yourself
  • Managing Alerts and Reminders for Your resources
  • Managing My Queued Jobs

Module 11: Working with the Project Workspace

  • Understanding the Project Workspace
  • Managing Risks
  • Managing Issues
  • Viewing Your Assigned Issues and Risks
  • Managing Project Documents
  • Working with Existing Documents in a Documents Library
  • Accessing the Public Documents Library
  • Managing Tasks
  • Using Calendars

Module 12: Project Workspace Advanced Features

  • Using Project Workspace Advanced Features
  • Editing in a Datasheet
  • Exporting to a Spreadsheet

Module 13: Working with Status Report

  • Requesting a Status Report
  • Responding to a Status Report Request
  • Viewing Status Report Response

Module 14: Working in the Resource Center

  • Using the Resource Center
  • Viewing Resource Availability
  • Viewing Resource Assignments
  • Editing Resource Details

Module 15: Working in the Project Center

  • Using the Project Center
  • Configuring Project Center View