My Work Tools

My Work Tools

There are thousands of good websites offering online services which we need on a day-to-day basis. But the problem is we don’t know about those, therefore to achieve our goal during our project or assignment we waste lots of time in searching those tools or sometimes just temporary jugad to solve the problem. It is necessary for every professional to know about a range of tools and must be well versed with those tools. What tool you need, depends upon your profession, hobbies, or sometimes an ad-hoc requirement. Over the period of time, I have been using these tools less or more for different purposes in my personal and project assignments. I hope it will benefit the people, who are lucky enough to visit this page and see a list of these tools. If you are using any other tool then do not forget to share the name of the tool, website, and purpose for which you are using that tool.

These tools are in different categories. This is just an initial list, after scanning my chrome bookmarks, I will keep adding more tools here. Current categories include as following.

  • Design Tools
  • SEO and SEM Tools
  • Language Learning Tools
  • Training Delivery Tool
  • Work Engagement Tools
11Searching Tools
12Searching Tools
13Searching Tools
14Searching Tools
15Tool – Design
16Tool – Design
17Tool – Design
18Tool – Design
19Tool – Design
20Tool – Design
21Tool – Design
22Tool – Design
23Tool – Design
24Tool – Design
25Tool – Design
26Tool – Design
27Tool – Design
28Tool – Design
29Tool – Design
30Tool – Design
31Tool – Design
32Tool – Design
33Tool – Design
34Tool – Design
35Tool – Design
36Tool – Design
37Tool – Design
38Tool – Design
39Tool – Design
40Tool – Design
41Tool – Design
42Tool – Design
43Tool – Design
44Tool – Design
45Tool – Development
46Tool – File Converter
47Tool – File Converter
48Tool – File Converter
49Tool – File Converter
50Tool – File Converter
51Tool – Lang Sanskrit
52Tool – Lang Sanskrit
53Tool – Lang Sanskrit
54Tool – Lang Sanskrit
55Tool – Lang Sanskrit
56Tool – Lang Sanskrit
57Tool – Lang Sanskrit
58Tool – Lang Sanskrit
59Tool – Lang Sanskrit
60Tool – Lang Sanskrit
61Tool – Language
62Tool – Language
63Tool – Language
64Tool – Language
65Tool – SEO/M
66Tool – SEO/M
67Tool – SEO/M
68Tool – SEO/M
69Tool – SEO/M
70Tool – SEO/M
71Tool – SEO/M
72Tool – SEO/M
73Tool – SEO/M
74Tool – SEO/M
75Tool – SEO/M
76Tool – SEO/M
77Tool – SEO/M
78Tool – SEO/M
79Tool – SEO/M
80Tool – SEO/M
81Tool – SEO/M
82Tool – SEO/M
83Tool – SEO/M
84Tool – SEO/M
85Tool – SEO/M
86Tool – SEO/M
87Tool – SEO/M
88Tool – SEO/M
89Tool – Thinking
90Tool – Training
91Tool – Training
92Tool – Training
93Tool – Training
94Tool – Training
95Tool – Training
96Tool – Training
97Tool – Training
98Tool – Training
99Tool – Training
100Tool – Training
101Tool – Training
102Tool – Work
103Tool – Work
104Tool – Work
105Tool – Work
106Tool – Work
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