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Behaviour that leads to Exceptional performance

Here are key important behaviors that can make one a go-getter with a happy personal life, provided one understands them thoroughly and able to implement them. This article is inspired by several sources, books, articles & obviously my own lifestyle. What others think about is lessor important than what you think about yourself and how consistent you are in your behavior. You may be lessor know personality because of many reasons but you know yourself that how peaceful, go-getter, accommodating, compassionate you are. I hope this summary will inspire you to live like an exceptional leader.

  1. Think like a leader: Think that ultimately it is my responsibility to get things done so I am in charge and in control. Do not wait till the last moment. Monitor your project and then act proactively. It is not the ability of people around you but your ability of managing situation, people and communication which leads to success. The best leader has the capability of converting dump worker into useful and the worst leader can make the best worker into useless
  2. Manage your priorities: Jot down your list of activities. Put two columns before them (Important and Urgent). Mark each activity’s “Important” column as N if it is not important otherwise Y if it is important. Similarly, mark the Urgent column. So, there will be 4 blocks, urgent-important, non-urgent-important, urgent-non-important, non-urgent-non important. If there is more than one item in any block then assign a priority to each task. The first thing you should work on in the morning is the top three priorities which are important and urgent. If time is a constraint then delegate remaining to your team.
  3. Never avoid necessary confrontation: Do not try to be a nice guy always and avoid confrontations. Neither fight unnecessarily. Know the importance and urgency of things and fight for a point, if required.
  4. Check your ego: Never bring your ego to work: Make your point clear and never become personal and emotional for the work objective. Even if you are a junior and you bring ego to the work then you have the capability to damage your environment and yourself.
  5. Think for yourself: Routinely check the progress of your project and analyze your behavior and attitude to your surrounding and work
  6. Consult in the situation of difficulty: If you are in confusion refer to the organization library/knowledge base, if that does not help then discuss with a professional friend/colleague, if this also does not help then refer to industry practices, finally to your immediate boss. For some people, a boss may be very friendly in that case you can take his help as a second source of help.
  7. Embrace Integrity in all that you do: In any kind of decision always listen to your inner voice. Never contradict this. Sometimes a decision needs to be taken in abnormal situations where traditional practices, old knowledge, expert judgement from others may not work. Then go with your inner voice and do not try to contradict that. Internal integrity is much more important than anything else to make crucial decisions.
  8. You cannot please everybody: Somebody said that I do not know the key to success but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. Understand that people may have several valid points but all cannot be implemented.
  9. Live in your present moment: Accept the failure, learn from it, and move forward. “If” “But” “would” “should” are good for analysis and learning lessons, more than this they do not have any meaning
  10. Define who you choose to be: Have your brand and plan for that brand. Work for that brand. It helps in creating your identity.
  11. Treat others as you would like to be treated: In the long-run success and failure do not makes much impact but how you make others feel when they were with you. Be fair with people. No matter in what official capacity you are making decisions and taking action also keep one thing in mind, somebody is watching your behavior.
  12. Always eat or drink healthy stuff, which keeps your body and mind active, light, and agile.

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