Benefits Management Plan

Project Benefits Management Plan is one of the subsidiary plan. This plan can include the following sections.

  • Target benefits (e.g., the expected tangible and intangible value to be gained by the implementation of the project; financial value is expressed as net present value);
  • Strategic alignment (e.g., how well the project benefits align to the business strategies of the organization);
  • Timeframe for realizing benefits (e.g., benefits by phase, short-term, long-term, and ongoing);
  • Benefits owner (e.g., the accountable person to monitor, record, and report realized benefits throughout the timeframe established in the plan);
  • Metrics (e.g., the measures to be used to show benefits realized, direct measures, and indirect measures);
  • Assumptions (e.g., factors expected to be in place or to be in evidence); and
  • Risks (e.g., risks on the way of realization of benefits).