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Interpersonal and Team Skills

“Interpersonal and Team Skills” is one of the most powerful tools and techniques of a project manager. This is used in 20 processes of PMBOK 6th Edition. PMBOK standard expects a project manager to be aware of these techniques and practice them effectively whenever the of these arises in a project life cycle. Interpersonal and Team Skills means following skills.

  1. Active listening
  2. Communication styles assessment
  3. Conflict management
  4. Cultural awareness
  5. Decision making
  6. Emotional intelligence
  7. Facilitation
  8. Influencing
  9. Leadership
  10. Meeting management
  11. Motivation
  12. Negotiation
  13. Networking
  14. Nominal group technique
  15. Observation/ conversation
  16. Political awareness
  17. Team building

Interpersonal and Team Skills is a tool and technique of following PMBOK 6 processes

  1. Develop Project Charter
  2. Develop Project Management Plan
  3. Manage Project Knowledge
  4. Collect Requirements
  5. Define Scope
  6. Acquire Resources
  7. Develop Team
  8. Manage Team
  9. Control Resources
  10. Plan Communications Management
  11. Manage Communications
  12. Monitor Communications
  13. Identify Risks
  14. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
  15. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
  16. Plan Risk Responses
  17. Implement Risk Responses
  18. Conduct Procurements
  19. Manage Stakeholder Engagement
  20. Monitor Stakeholder Engagement