Tools of Global Executives

This is the interest of any new global executive or would be global executive to know what tools I need to use to perform my job effectively. Below is the list of tools that global executives use mostly.

  1. Change Management Programs
  2. Core Competencies
  3. Customer Segmentation
  4. Decision Rights Tools
  5. Mergers and Acquisitions
  6. Open Innovation
  7. Price Optimization Models
  8. Satisfaction and Loyalty Management
  9. Scenario and Contingency Planning
  10. Social Media Programs
  11. Strategic Alliances
  12. Supply Chain Management
  13. Complexity Reduction
  14. Zero-based Budgeting
  15. Cost-cutting tools
  16. Total Quality Management
  17. Mission and vision
  18. Benchmarking
  19. Employee Engagement Surveys