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Work Performance Information

Work Performance Information is the input and output of the PMBOK processes. When Work Performance Data is collected in the monitoring and controlling process, it is analyzed in the context of the process, events, situation, etc. After this, we get some insight, we can conclude some meaning from it. We come to know whether it is good for the project, bad for the project, or it can be ignored. Now it is called Work Performance Information. We can make decisions, take action based on this analyzed data. Examples of the work performance information (WPI) are as follows.

  • We are 2 days behind the schedule
  • Our productivity is 5% less
  • The cost of the making X component is 15% more than the baseline
  • The security breach has gone up 10% in the last 4 weeks.

Work Performance Information is input in <Monitor and Control Project Work

Work Performance Information is output from the following processes.

  1. Validate Scope
  2. Control Scope
  3. Control Schedule
  4. Control Costs
  5. Control Quality
  6. Control Resources
  7. Monitor Communications
  8. Monitor Risks
  9. Control Procurements
  10. Monitor Stakeholder Engagement