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गतिविधि अनुक्रमण

After listing all the activities and identifying Activity Attributes we should sequence the activities based on their attributes and make a dependency diagram of project activities. This is called project schedule network diagram. This is one of the cores of the project’s success. If you do not put dependencies correctly or define dependencies based on assumptions or out of ignorance, then project schedule adherence will be a great difficulty. Mark those activities where the sequence can be altered i.e. soft dependency. This information will help you for optimizing resources, negotiating a scheduled timeline, altering the critical path of the project. Therefore, pay high attention and take the help of the experts for determining the dependency, lead or lag time of the activities.

गतिविधि अनुक्रमण (प्रक्रिया सारांश)

This table is based on PMBOK 6th Edition of PMI


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PMBOK 6th Edition Process Summary Table