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2024 World Elections and Life After

2024 World Elections and Life After

Our galaxy is called, Milky Way galaxy. It contains an estimated 100 billion stars similar to our Sun. As per NASA, in the sky, there are approximately 100 billion galaxies like the Milky Way. So how many stars in the sky? 10 and 22 zero after that!!

Our Sun is a medium-sized star with a diameter of about 14 lakh kilometers. Earth’s diameter is 12,756 km, which means Earth’s diameter is approximately 1/109th of the Sun’s, making it appear 344 times smaller from the surface of the Sun. Consequently, Earth cannot be seen with the naked eye from the Sun’s surface or even from a distance as far as the Sun is from Earth.

Our solar system moves with an average velocity of 720,000 kilometers per hour. However, at this speed, it still takes about 230 million years for the Sun to complete one orbit around the Milky Way Galaxy.

Earth orbits the Sun at a speed of 100,000 kilometers per hour, completing one orbit of approximately 876 million kilometers in 365 days. So if you are meeting somebody on the earth after 24 hours then you are 24 lakh km away in the space where you both met last time.

While many stars are larger than the Sun, but our sun extremely massive than Earth. It would require over 330,000 Earths to match the mass of the Sun, and approximately 13 lakh Earths to fill its volume.

One light-year is 9,500 billion (95 and 11 zeroes after that) kilometers. A light photon travels this distance in one year. The Sun is approximately 15 crore kilometers away from Earth. Its nearest stellar neighbor is the Alpha Centauri triple star system is 4.24 light-years away.

In the sky diameter of sun is 400 times bigger then diameter of moon but they looks same size from earth and we can enjoy full sun eclipse. In the sky earth’s diameter is 3.7 time bigger than moon and yet we enjoy full moon eclipse. How beautifully they are placed! Paurima and Amavasya calls high tide and low tide, because of moon. A chilly plant gives chilly fruit on the same soil and mango tree give sweet fruit on that very soil. We say, we all know the reasons, because science explains the phenomena very well. And when we know the reasons the curiosity to know dies. But we don’t ask the reasons to ourselves that even after knowing all what has changed in life? In fact the life has become more boring after knowing all this. It doesn’t mean knowing is less important. It means we are NOT experiencing what we claim we know.

As per our current understanding, life exists only on Earth in this vast cosmos.

On our planet, there are over 200 countries, with more than 70 holding elections this year. India, our home country, is among them.

During elections, people passionately support and defend their candidates as if it were the most significant event in the cosmos.

Elections are a serious matter, and according to some liberals democracy in India is at danger this year. Therefore, the cosmic existence is at danger beyond 2024. It is our choice whether to take these matters seriously or to treat them with the some level of entertainment.

Humanity seems to have lost perspective on life. Acquiring knowledge doesn’t necessarily equate to wisdom; it signifies a lack of focus on what truly matters — “our non-physical essence”.

Business, elections, economy, currency, employment, factories, government, wars, conflicts, relationships, families, and societies are all human creation for our well-being. Thus, we should utilize them to alleviate suffering rather than exacerbate it. Blaming God for our creation which is cause of our suffering is unjust; God did not create any of these.

Human body is a universe of 15 trillion cells. Billions of die everyday and billions take birth everyday and we are not even aware what is happen at microscopic level within us. Our solar system, our earth, our nation, our society, our election are so trivial in the cosmic existence that the cosmos even may not be aware what we have createed for which we are suffering.

O Pratibimba, are you appreciating this perspective of life?

Hari Om Tat Sat.
Yours Truly Hari