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About Eligibility

About Eligibility

Paatra in Sanskrit means pot,
but it also means an eligible person.
Paatrata means eligibility, capacity,
capability to hold what is given to you.

You can ask for anything, knowledge, money power.
This is part of your imagination.
But fortunately if your wish is fulfilled
and that knowledge, money or power
is given to you then can you hold it
gracefully, happily and for the benefits of all around?

Asking for the river when you are holding
a spoon in your hand is foolishness
because the flood can destroy you.
But mostly people do not know
their own eligibility (Paatrata)
and keep weeping for their destiny or giver or God.

Perhaps after giving when cosmic intelligence
sees people getting destroyed then
She restrain Herself from giving.
Humans need to increase the size of Paatra
where she/he will hold what she/he is asking for.

These things we see with children when they ask,
please teach me how to make a nuclear reactor
but they don’t know P of physics.
Even if you teach them
will they be able to use that knowledge or will they listen properly?
You know the answer.

Similar things apply to power and money.
People think it is the easiest thing to handle
but in my experience it is very difficult.
See around yourself, how wealthy people spoil relationships,
physical health, mental health, and peace of mind.
And with power they end up in
different kinds of trouble for themselves and others.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari