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About Forgiveness

About Forgiveness

Forgiveness doesn’t mean you do something to others,
It doesn’t mean you let go of others free for the crime
which others have done against you.

Forgiveness is not forgetfulness.
Forgetfulness happens in unconscious living.
Forgiveness is possible only when you live a conscious life.

It doesn’t mean you are weak.
Neither it mean that you are strong
and powerful to forgive others.

It means you want to reject worries.
It means you want to reject bitterness.
It means you want to reject thinking in the past and future
It means you want to reject hurtful constantly thinking
about one event or a person or community.

It means you are not interested in getting stuck in cyclical life.
It means you want to move ahead in life.

It means you are choosing life.
It means you are choosing a present.
It means you are choosing progression
And rejecting regression.

It means you believe in the law of karma,
And you believe there is no real forgive in the existence.
It means you believe existence will settle things automatically,
And my actions can make things worse in life.

It means your reaction will cause a chain of karma
And I want to exit from that chain.

So forgiveness is your choice in wisdom and awareness
Do not give it poetical expression
and writing sweet quotes and poems on it.

Don’t assume that you need to have the strength to forgive.
What exactly you need is wisdom.
A pearl of wisdom which unfolds the future of regrets
in the present and tells you
that don’t choose death over life.

O Pratibimba, when forgiveness takes us away from death
and give us a fresh new breeze of life
then why it is so hard to forgive?
Are people more interested in dying?
or they are not wise enough to choose forgiveness?
or they are completely unaware of the consequence of not forgiving?
or they think that who will teach if I forgive?
or they think it is a sign of weakness?

or they foolishly see life in every moment of dying?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Your Truly Hari