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Appreciate the Architecture of Mind

Appreciate the Architecture of Mind

We blame the mind like a monkey, it keeps dancing and makes the body and the world around dance and create problems.

See the beauty of mind, it can dance and without your notice, it can leap to a completely unrelated subject, location and time. Without this capability of mind no creativity is possible. No ‘hope’ is possible. No temporary relief from present problems is possible.

Problem is not that the mind jumps or takes leaps. In fact this is a good design feature of mind. Problem is stickiness. Whether good or bad it gets hooked, stuck to the surface of that object, idea, relation, event etc. Now it behaves like an innocent child, the moment you give some new temptation, it will forget old, at least temporarily. This is a good part of the mind architecture but again it is possible because it has the ability to jump.

If we don’t know how to handle a product then we complain about the product even if that particular function may be a feature of the product and the manufacturer has put that feature with great effort.

Rather than complaining about architecture or blaming the manufacturer, why don’t you learn to use the product.

Mind is not created by any local unbranded manufacturer and it is created almost the same for all humans. Some use and maintain it badly and some become Buddha with their mind..

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari