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Awareness and Who Am I

Awareness and Who Am I

Birds, Animals and Human all breath
and exists as long as they breath
But only humans are aware of his own existence.
Other exists but with with limited awareness,
which is good enough for survival.

Because human is aware about his existence (I am)
So asking the next question is natural for humans.
That question is “Who Am I”
Because of limited self awareness it is not possible
for birds and animals to ask this question.

Many human ask this questions,
But they don’t have rigor, grit, or patience to seek the answer.
Due to this reason they ask their scripture, books, parents and teachers.
And memorize the answer for the next generation.
Because of this memorized answer nothing changes in life.

If you try it on your own then even
half answer will bring some peace in life.
Otherwise the correct and perfect copied answer is of no use.

This peace will not be a peace of animals or birds
Who are happy after eating, drinking, sleeping and sex.
This peace is that will take your own existence beyond
day to day fight with family members, colleagues, government or god.

This peace has power to give a realization
that you are the center of an infinite vast existence.
This peace has power to give a fearless life
where you cannot do anything inappropriate.

This peace does not bother about social morality,
Neither bother about the fear and temptations of hell and heaven.
This peace allow you feel your existence
beyond five elements from which your body is made of.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari