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Dissolving A Drop In The Ocean

Dissolving A Drop In The Ocean

Some drops are hard as stone
It takes millions of years to make
them and millions to dissolve.

Some drops are like salt ball
It takes longer to make them
but they dissolve quickly.

Some drops have a dirty smell
When those merge into the ocean
for some time there is a bad smell around them
but very soon they also disappear.

Some drops are of good smell
When those merge into the ocean
for some time there is fragrance around them
but very soon they that also disappear.

Nothing remains, whether it takes time or happen quickly.
Nothing remains, whether the drop is good or bad.
Nothing remains, whether the drop is beautiful or ugly.
The drop gets dissolved in the ocean.

From where the drop of water comes?
From a bigger water pool.

From where the water pool come?
From a river stream or rain.

From where rain comes?
From the ocean.

From where ocean come?
Well, it is part of the earth,
from whatever source earth comes
water comes from the same source.

After coming into existence
does drop have an identity?
Well, if not so then how can we say
that this is my water and that is your water?

You will say that I know this but drop doesn’t know.
But how do you know that drop doesn’t know?
How it is possible which is the source of every life
on this planet itself is lifeless?
We can discuss this some other time.

For now let us see, how long a drop lives?
Well, it depends on the size of a drop
and also depends upon the surrounding of the drop.
In a hostile environment like a desert,
burning stove, or flood it will die quickly.
In another environment, it can have a longer life.

And how a drop takes birth, live, and die?
A drop can know experimentally
that I have come from the ocean
Live on the surface of an ocean
And merge in the ocean
My dissolution and disappearance
is called death by the surrounding
but very next moment I appear
on the other part of the ocean’s surface.

And many times I join other
who are mourning my death from my past life
because they think “that” drop was the great drop.
So we should offer some flower to that
and remember the work that drop did.

Yoga was the way drop lived
Whether you sing or dance,
Cry or weep, laugh or smile
eat or drink, breath or blink
Create or destroy some other drops around
Every moment you are navigating
your life from one corner to another corner
on the surface of the ocean called consciousness.

Whether you do Bhakti yoga, sing, dance,
pray and praise your Lord.
Or you do Karma yoga, work without fatigue
and surrender all the results
of your action at the feet of your Lord.

Whether you do Hatha yoga,
control your physical and mental body at your will
Or you do Gnyana yoga,
know your true nature,
transcend the Maya around
and live the way like you are playing
on the ground because have time.

All are the ways of dissolving
your little drop to the cosmic ocean
And be one with the cosmos.

How long you will protect your drop
One day it merges to the ocean
from where it has come.
On this planet, that process is called death.

But if you do this consciously
and let it happen every day then
the same process of unification is called Yoga.

While sitting at a place we think
Only time is changing and the place is the same.
But on a planet that is moving
with 67,000 miles per hour around the sun
And rotating on its own axis
with 1000 miles per hours
It is foolish to say that we are staying
at the same place even after one hour.

The truth is we moved millions of miles away
in the sky, since the time we have taken birth.
But the drop never knows that and neither bother
because drop rises from the ocean
and fall back on the surface of the ocean.
And this is the only and limited experience of a drop.

Those who are counting Atma or soul
are counting drops on the surface of the ocean.
Without knowing the size of a drop!
Without realizing the depth of the ocean!
Without realizing that the ocean is also a drop in space!!

What is the way to know you are drop?
What is the way to know
you are a deer who have musk in your own body?

Nothing. Just stop running
and spend your time and energy knowing this.
But the real question is
what will happen even if you know you are a drop?
And the next question is,
why should I know, which I already know?

What Karna did even after knowing from Kunti
that her real mother is Kunti and not Radha?
That was the moment of realization
for Radheya that he is Kaunteya.

He still fought on behalf of Duryodhana
He still wanted to kill Arjuna
But we know fighting was not the same for Karna
something fundamentally has changed
in him after this realization.
That is the power of self-realization.

If you truly know that you are a drop
then something fundamentally will change in you
Perhaps your dissolving will not be painful.

Perhaps your reactions
to the surrounding will turn into the response.
A response that is appropriate
and need of the hour
But free from jealousy, anger,
competition, compulsion
and desire to demolish other drops.

Perhaps your madness for enjoying
every drop of your life juice will reduce.

Perhaps your madness to exploit
the planet and lives around will diminish.

Perhaps the way you talk
and think about others will alter.

Perhaps you will move beyond
grief, sorrow, happiness & joy
and enter into unconditional blissfulness.

O Chaitnya, you may be thinking
this all is mental imagination.
If so then the entire Vedanta is imagination
and your reality is much horrible without a solution.

Do you think millions of people
in Indian civilization spend thousands of years
and the best gave us is Vedanta
and that is just mental imagination?

Perhaps they knew what is good for us
and we don’t know what is good for us
that is why we struggle all the time
to protect & survive our drop and nothing beyond.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari

Until Next Time Stay Blessed.

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