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Diwali 2022

Diwali 2022

Prayers and Wishes on the Occasion of Deepavali

You cannot draw a straight line.
You cannot draw two parallel lines.
But you can see a section of line straight on a piece of paper.
You can see two sections of lines parallel on a paper.
If you extend the line beyond the page in the space
you will be surprised to know it is forming a circle.
Unfortunately, we don’t have that much life or
that long paper to draw on the canvas and we conclude the line is straight.

You apply this logic to other aspects of existence including your life.
You will realize life looks like a straight line from birth to death.
But if you learn to look at a larger canvas of time and space
you will know it is a circle.
Everything in the existence is cyclical
and human life is not any different.

Life is a circle of infinite birth and death.
In a nutshell, Vedanta says, in human life,
people should learn to experience this circle
and find out a way to exit from this circle.
That is what they call Moksha.
The exit from the circular movement!

When people have a short memory,
or cannot see the larger canvas of life
then even those who think life is a circle
They feel life is great when all is going as they wished.
And they think infinite circular rides are exciting.
In that case, the lows or highs of life are accepted graciously
without crying or prayers, and complaints.
But, there are some who wish to put stop on this.

May this Deepavali we experience
the circle of festivals, Yuga, Yuga Dharma, and Rama of various Yugas.
May we experience the circle of our life.
More than Dhana Lakshmi, Vidhya Lakshmi guide us
on the path of this Wisdom.
Because most have enough to be comfortable
but not enough understanding of this circle
to be joyful under all the bouncers of life.

Have a happy and safe Deepavali.

Yours Truely Hari
Hari Om Tat Sat