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Driven By Humanity Or Morality

Driven By Humanity Or Morality

Fear, pain, reward, and punishment,
either from government or authorities or God or Karma
Is always the driving force for a human to be righteous.

It is not out of the Duty or Dharma
of the given time and space
But something different
which brings humans to their senses.

There are enough people around us
who either don’t understand
these driving forces correctly
or do not take even these
rudimentary motivations seriously,
So they chose to ignore.

There are enough people around us who are
Broken heart, ignored, bitter and remorse,
because of their own karma,
which came back to them in their lifetime.
So it becomes a reminder for others to live sensibly.

There are enough people around us
Who has wronged everything and maximum around
But even after that, they are living
without any visible pain in their life.
And, it becomes another kind of reminder for people around.

After seeing the examples of
arrogance getting beaten badly
and sometimes nothing happens.
People around think and choose what to do!
What they chose, depends upon their conviction.
Sensible people chose the path of goodness.

But, their goodness is driven out of the fear
And not because they think that
this is the most sensible way of living
no matter what other people say or do around
or what happens to other people around.

Now take the below instances one at a time
And think why do we behave the way we do.

Who taught us Good or Bad?
What is the motivation?
Is motivation a fear, pain,
or human sensitivity and sensibility?

How to behave with elders and younger?
How to treat mother, father, and teacher?
What is the importance of giving timely help to some needy?

Why to help a friend?
Why donate for a cause?
Why respect the resources we have?
Why respect food?
Why take care of our health when the body is fit?

Why fight for our values?
Why fight for our nation?
Why pay taxes to the government?
Why learn seriously in school?

Why not leave older people at old age home?
Why not beat or exploit the weak?
Why not kill others?
Why not flutter with friends’ spouses?

Why not beat children?
Why not steal goods?
Why not waste money on luxury?

Do you think, if fear of karma,
God, unknown, Saitan, next life pain,
suffering in the future are taken care
then human will behave like a saint?

Fortunately, the human cerebral cortex is
such complex and highly developed
compare to other animals that
if a human explores he can be divine.

But unfortunately, people don’t have time
To think beyond enjoyment, business, religion,
commandments, ethics, and morality
Most of the people are stuck in either of these one
So they live like a higher version of creatures

No sense of Swa-Dharma,
which every sensible person will always feel,
irrespective of time and space.
But, all the time body, recognition, money,
the reputation of the self is the highest priority.

So we take care of parents or
do any of the above discussed good actions
Because our children, next generation
can repeat our actions for us
Or God will punish us
Or what other people will think about us.

It is not about that,
this is the only way of life
Irrespective of who says or
does what, now or in the future.

That is why ancient people created those
Fearful stories of hell
and luxurious of heaven.

Nowadays fortunately or unfortunately
Those hell and heavens are falling
So, God is taken care of.

People started believing
“Jindagi Naa Milegi Dobara”
this is the only and last life.
Rich people are learning
how to manage government and courts
Now, who will bring humans to their senses?

O Pratibimba, Unfortunately, but true
Why human is driven by Morality, not by Humanity?
How can a bold and fearless human live without Humanity
and take shelter under a tiny branch of Morality?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari