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Dussehra 2021

Dussehra 2021

Dussehra – Vijay Dashami

Any Festival is an occasion to celebrate.
If the day is Vijaya Dashami
Then the day is to
Celebrate your success (Vijay)
Celebrate your journey
Celebrate your learning through a tough time
Otherwise, many people quit on the way.

Celebrate the success of your parents, Acharyas
Celebrate the success of your King and state
Celebrate the success of your Ideology, party, and people.

In India, people celebrate Vijay Dashami
Because this was the day when Ram killed Ravana,
The epitome of the Adharma of Rama’s time.

Some people celebrate this event as a symbol
Because they feel past win just reminds us
that we can still win over current adverse circumstances.
Some people celebrate as an annual affair
of some historic event which happened only once
and that win was the ultimate.

Whatever you think depends upon what you value.
But, before you go to win something,
Please make sure that you know yourself clearly.
Winning is not that important
Who is going to win whom is also important.
In an eternal fight between Daivik and Asuri shakti
sometimes Devta wins and sometimes Asura wins.

Your Asura may be someone’s Devta
Your Devata may be someone’s Asura
You may be Asura for someone and Devata for someone.
Many times we remain busy defining others and explaining ourselves.

Vijay Dashami is not only time to celebrate success
But also reflects who we are
What we really want to win over
Is it worth winning that
Maybe we are standing at the wrong side
like Vibhishan, then losing is more beneficial.

May be we are standing for a wrong cause
like Duryodhana so accepting and surrendering
before the war is also winning.
Winning always doesn’t need
the destruction of Kurushetra scale.
Sometimes it is just switching to Dharma.
But don’t be like politicians to switch
when you know Dharma is at your side
but in the current circumstances, you may lose.

Standing for Dharma is not easy
Neither it is easy to stand for Adharma
Generally, people get scared of circumstances and change the party.
But the beauty with Dharma is some universal force
will keep supporting you
and even if you are alone you will not feel so.

We recently have seen Taliban also won and they celebrated
Probably they will celebrate for some more years.
But, at what price?
What are they celebrating, win of Adharma?
Are they celebrating unjust to poor, weak, common citizens,
women, children, the crippling education system,
and friendship with the real enemy?

Rama’s win is celebrated even after thousands of years,
because it was not a personal fight only.
It was for Dharma, justice, pride of women.
It was a struggle to keep the words given at personal loss
It was not personal ego but
Demolishing hyped ego which was on the path of continuous destruction.

You think Rama is your own self
Sita is your own self.
Ram Rajya is your inner state and immediate surrounding.
Winning does not mean eating too much, shopping, party, and alcohol.
Winning simply means being
At absolute ease with your own people,
your surroundings, enjoying without indulgence.
Otherwise, it may be possible Ravana is celebrating Rama’s win.

O Praribimba, may you get the wisdom
to know the right path and wrong path
of your life journey with clarity.
May you decide your parties, partner, and friends with that clarity.
Some will join you and you will join some.
You will drop someone and someone will drop you.
May you fight a decisive fight of Dharma
May you win your fight, so that you can celebrate your own
Vijaya Dashami today and in the time to come.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari