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How Do You Want to Live?

How Do You Want to Live?

Birth and death are certain.
Life is full of uncertainties.
And this is the fun of life.

You do something and you get something.
This is how the process of life goes on.
Sometimes the output of your process
meets your expectations and sometimes not.

Sometimes you think things happen as per your wish.
Sometimes you think it happens as per your karma.
Sometimes you think you are chosen and blessed.
Sometimes you think you are nothing in this cosmos.
Perhaps the creator is not aware of your existence in this vast phenomenal existence.
Sometimes you want to rule the world and sometimes you feel what is the use of living.
Human moods are like this.

What is the reality around us?
All are speculations.
Whatever we know that we know through the prism of our colored mind.
Hence, we see whatever is the emotional or energy state of our mind.
We don’t know the truth.

Normal people don’t want to accept
this ignorance and helplessness. So they keep speaking and working.
Wise goes in silence and starts observing.

Some want to live like a flower in a forest.
When it came into existence and when it dies
No one knows, only the flower knows.
Life may be one day long or one month, how does it matter? Flower was life, it lived its life fully under the sun, on the planet, around the air, with water and fire within.
It becomes part of that system
from which it came in existence.
No fuss of feeling great, doing great,
becoming the greatest flower of all the time.

Some want to live like an atom bomb.
They think, when they die there should be a huge storm and earthquake around. Everyone around the world should know that Mr or Ms. X is no more. Even the planet and star should weep for them.
They want people should cry for them.
This crying after is so important for some people that they love the concept “who will cry when I die”. They write and read books on this topic.
They create and watch movies around this topic.
And they don’t live in awareness.

How you want to live.
“Life” like a flower in silence or
“Dead” like a bomb is your choice.
A bomb may live 1000 years because it is never a life.
A flower may live for 2 hours, it is a life.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari