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How to Engage for Imparting Knowledge

How to Engage for Imparting Knowledge

The biggest counterproductive assumption a teacher
or a trainer can make about the class is
“they all know what they want to learn and why they want to learn”.
If so, then the problem is already known.
Hence, let’s start with a solution and give gyan to these people.
But this assumption is wrong.

Based on my training experience I can tell
that most of the people in a class are sitting
for a degree, certificate or pass to the next class.
Learning is never the highest motivation.

Throw some real life challenges before them.
Bring them mentally out from their
promotion, appreciation, recognition, salary related problems
and ask them what they think about problem X or Y
and how do they solve this problem?

Let them give all possible solutions,
probably the class collectively know
much better solution than you are going to teach.
In that situation offer your teaching as an
alternative solution finder
rather than giving new knowledge.

But is this easy to bring people
out from their own created cocoon in the mind and
offer them the living of the real world?

Sometimes they are surrounded by hundreds of people and
hundreds of problems but they live in their mental cocoon.
In that cocoon know they think they have solution
but other people are not listening to them.
The solution they have may be useful or useless.
But till the time solution is discussed,
debated, agreed it is of no use.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari