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Dying is Painful?

Is Dying Painful?

No living being truly experiences dying.
A few may recount near-death experiences,
yet none have undergone the act of dying itself.
Instead, we witness others’ departures firsthand.

Amidst the living, suffering looms large.
Physical and mental afflictions plague many, rendering life painful.
To find joy, people employ myriad methods—some offer fleeting respite,
while others provide temporary relief.
Yet, a lasting solution to suffering remains elusive.

In the throes of pain, some endure silently,
while others yearn for companionship in suffering.
Healthy individuals, burdened by the pain of their loved ones,
often bear their own anguish.

For most, dying is an excruciating ordeal.
We aspire for healthy lives and wish for painless deaths,
yet when pain fades, we resist the end.
We desire death to be swift, not drawn-out.

Even if granted a thousand years,
what purpose would an elderly body,
laden with memories and countless acquaintances, serve on this planet?

In youth, busyness is coveted—a monotonous routine,
the chase for wealth.
Post-retirement, the wealth amassed,
but the differnt boring routine.
And, many neither have wealth nor break from tedius routine.

To break free from monotony,
picnics or foreign tours are sought, depending upon the wealth you have.
In a thousand years of life, the cycle would replay endlessly.

Advancements in healthcare, insurance ecosystems,
and societal norms prolong life,
hindering the natural course of death.
In the guise of serving the elderly, the destitute, the frail,
and in reverence to divinity, letting go becomes a struggle.

Ideally life should be joyful
and death (departure) should be more joyful
Because you have realised the self for which you came.
What else is here more than self-realization?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari