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Labeling Good and Bad

Labeling Good and Bad


A raw mango on the branch of a tree
is good for some purposes and bad for others.

A ripe mango on the branch of a tree
is good for some purposes and bad for others.

A parrot cuts the mango using his beak and leaves the mango on the branch.
That mango is good for some purposes and bad for others.

A ripe mango fell on the ground and mixed with cow dung.
It remains there for some time and it gives birth to a new tree.

Which mango is absolutely good and which mango is absolutely bad?

You take any object around you
It may have some utility in your life or
you may think that it is useless for me.
You may think it is not good for me or
it is not good for may

But this all depends upon your previous experience
You think it is good for you or bad for you
It is harmful or beneficial for me
Same object in one situation of life or at one place
or with one person may be bad
but in different circumstances it looks useful and good.

Where is the goodness or badness?
Is it an integral part of objects?
Our utilitarian mind judges things as good or bad.
Based on our current state of mind,
and experience we label objects as good and bad.

There is a world around us
We all label the objects of the world
based on the utility we see in those.

What utility is good or bad?
It depends upon our mind,
our exposure to different diverse situations of life,
upon our mood at the time
when that object comes in contact with our life.

O Chaitanya, without labeling the things around,
What kind of world exists around?
With your and mine we pollute real things around us.
With your and mine we decorate these things in our mind.

Is it possible to see the world around
the way it exists and without our labeling efforts?

Have you ever experienced the world that way?
Do you know your body is also one object of the world like your clothes?

Do you know there is a way to experience the body?
It helps you, knowing your vastness
it helps you, breaking the boundary
of your existence within the skin cover of your body.
It helps you, dropping your fear.
It helps you, knowing your immortality.

Do you not want to experience that real existence of your Self,
which is beyond your labels of good-bad, heaven - hell and Paap Punya?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari