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Language, Script and Devanagari

Language, Script and Devanagari

Language is that which we speak.
Script is that which we use to write words of any language.

Hindi is a language not a script. English is a language not a script.
Tamil is a language and script.
Devanaagari is script to write mainly Hindi, Napali, Marathi languages.
Roman is script to write European languages like English or Spanish.

We all write our Bhaartiya culture’s proper noun,
concepts with wrong spelling in Roman script.

I want you make note the correct spelling of words created
of two consonants from Devnagaari script.
Example consonants are र म. This is a very tiny example.
You check it, and then you will know why we say योगा धर्मा ग्याना यग्या
which is incorrect pronunciation.
Many times people read correctly from incorrectly written Roman script words.

राम correct spelling in roman is Raama
रम correct spelling in roman is Rama
रमा correct spelling in roman is Ramaa
रम् correct spelling in roman is Ram
रामा like रामायण correct spelling in roman ‌Raamaa
र्म like गर्म correct spelling in roman Rma
र्म् like धर्म्य correct spelling in roman Rm
र्मा like शर्मा correct spelling in roman Rmaa

How do we write the spelling of भगवान राम in roman?

We need not to wait for government
to bring education policy or some law to correct this.
Neither we can need wait for some great film star or
politician or religious guru or university to tell us the basics which we all know.

We just need to come to our senses and start using them correctly.
Yes we will make mistake but
our next generation will be able to write and
pronounce Indian names and words correctly.

There is nothing wrong with the English language or Roman script.
Using them properly is needed.
Why? Because human is cultural animal on this planet
and without culture we are zombies.
Knowing technology and science without culture will not lead to human evolution.

What do you think?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari