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Life is a Process

Life Process

You are handling a process called life.
Every process takes some input and creates some output.
Inputs of the life process are all the resources available to us.
It may be health, money, relationships, etc.
Everyone has these kinds of resources.
Some have less, some more, and others may be extremely rich.
It is not important how many resources we have.
What matters is what this process is generating.

Joyfulness, happiness, smiles,
true laughter without ridiculing others,
Peace, contentment, stability, inwardness,
Or just the reverse of all these.
If the output of the life process is not generating results that expand life
And life is contracting every moment, then
neither God nor Life is responsible.
But you, the handlers of the process, are responsible.

Passing the buck to God or destiny or
partners is a temporary relief but not a permanent solution.
If you think that is the solution, then struggling with blockers or
running away from blockers and people etc. looks like a solution.
Else, we think clearly, try to solve, and
endure the unexpected output of life with a deep smile.

After all, Life is a complex process
that cannot be handled perfectly.
That is why there is no perfect life,
but only Life without adjectives
of good or bad, success or failure, high or low.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari