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Location Of Mind

Location Of Mind

Where is the human mind located?

Today I am using this space to provoke you to ask subtler questions and know the answer from your experience. There is no answer below but many questions for you. Enjoy reading.


We talk so much about the mind
But can you locate your mind in your body?
Don’t point your finger towards your head
That is the location of another
the physical part of your body called the brain

The brain is another hardware in our body
like heart, kidney, eyes etc.
Nothing special to hold the mind in it.

So, the puzzle is this.
Where is our mind located?
What are the functions of the mind?
Is it possible to see the mind,
Or it is like a ghost, unseen,
And known only through its Karma?

Observe the physical phenomenon world around
Solidity is the epitome of physicality
Mark the order of solidity for following
Food on a plate, water in a glass,
Cotton on a cotton flower,
The air around you, ideas in your mind,
Restlessness in your body
Unrest in society, Laugh of children
Cry of a helpless being, your feeling of love, hate, etc.
Your desire to win, to create, to enjoy
Social injustice around you.

What is the nature of that
which shakes the human heart
which keeps human in action
which keep human running
Is that Physical or non-physical?

A physical is that
Which can be located
Which can be measured
Can be created, destroyed, and converted
Can be displaced
Can change the form and the state.
Thus matter is physical.

Energy is nothing but less density matter
The same energy when condensate
Takes different states of physical existence around

They say mind does not matter
But can we say the mind is not a matter?

Post-death, when the rental body is given back
to the owner of the body, the Mother earth
Then they say mind transports to another body
Dharmic traditions called this rebirth.

Atma is eternally free and pure
What is that which you want to purify
by your actions of different types?

What is that part of your body
which does not have memories?
even your skin has memories
that is the reason your skin color is like what it is.

In the poetical world, it is good to express that
The mind thinks and the heart feels
But in reality, is that true?
Think again, what is special in the heart
for which you give it the responsibility of feeling?
The heart is another physical part of the body like brain.
There is no comparison between
a physical and another,
which is not solidly as physical.

What is the resting place of our
hope, emotion, creativity, dreams?
Is this just another form of chemical energy?
If so, then why don’t we create
the best chemical energy for our joy
rather than running around the world for our joy?

What is conciseness?
Consciousness is the effect of the physical lives around
or Consciousness is the cause of entire physical creation?
Including the physical space and time.

What is awareness?
Awareness is a cause or effect of consciousness?
Is awareness possible in an unconscious being?
Is a conscious being always aware of the surroundings?

Oh Pratibimba, contemplate on this
with your meditative mind,
Which you cannot locate
But it can locate everything for you.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari