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The Logic of Entangled Mind

The Logic of Entangled Mind

Saints, Mahatmas, Rishis of the East Developed a philosophy
And they told that there are millions of life
Human life is precious among those lives.
The best time to come out of this
unending cycle of birth and death is human life.

They told us human life is especial
Because human is rational, intellectual
Human can think, observe, read, contemplate, meditate and
transcend his physical nature and know himself as Bhraman.
They can do Sat-Asat vivek,
They can do Nitya-Anitya vivek.

In fact these sages were telling us
You have lived millions of life,
The way you are suffering in this life
You have suffered millions of time earlier,
Are you not frustrated yet? Are you not full yet?
What other juice you are looking into this sand?
Wake up, live a meaningful life,
Think beyound your physical existence
Know yourself as Chaitanya.

But, the people of east become so lazy
Forget about working for Moksha or doing Nitya Anitya Vivek,
We don’t have time sense,
Because there are millions of life.
We are so bad in time sense that Kabirdas Ji
need to remind us “Kaal Kare So Aaj Kar”

Western philosopies came later,
Perhaps their philosophers learned from the experience of the East.
So they told their people
There is only one life,
Your actions of this life will take you to a permanent hell or heaven
By the grace of the God you have become human therefore
Live such a life that you remain near to that who gave you life.

Those people thought life is only one,
There are so many interesting things in the life to enjoy,
There are so many lovely places to go,
There are so many great or successful people to meet,
Life is too sort and we have to experience everything,
Therefore do everything in this life, And do it as fast as possible,
In this process they become so much materialisic that they don’t care about the Soul, Atman, Brahman, God etc. They developed watches and they developed machines
So that they can enjoy everything whatever is matter.

Oh Pratibimba, the tragedy of the human mind is such that
Even if God works hard for human,
It is impossible to save human.
Because all the time human is praying
for more material and more entangledment.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari