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Managing Source Of Energy

Managing Source Of Energy

If we group people based on
their energy characteristics
then groups will look like this.Volcano, Pressure cooker on burning heat stove,
explosive bomb, LED bulb, Small led light,
Halogen bulb in the street, Hot black color plate
which cannot be seen as hot,
hot coffee, a cube of ice, and a mountain of snow.Every energy body around us has
their relevance and purpose,
Living in happiness with that energy source
depends upon who is handling and
how that energy source is handled.In business, social, or family life
we suffer because we don’t know
how to handle an energy body
which is close to me in terms of
relationship or business. All are not expert in handling
all kinds of energy sources and
it is not possible also.

Therefore organizational (family, social, business)
hierarchy is used to manage the energy of different people.
One who is on top of the hierarchy
doesn’t mean he is most competent
to handle all energy sources.
He or she can manage all because of the hierarchy.

If we fail in managing someone
then neither it means we are bad
not it means the other person is bad.
It simply means as an individual
I failed to manage that source of energy.
And it is fine. All cannot be like a trained bomb diffuser,
who can diffuse all kinds of bombs.
Some just know how to handle candlelight.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari