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Meaning Of Secular

Meaning Of Secular

I am from the land of Krishna,
who never told in his life-time that he is Hindu
I am from the land of Buddha,
who never told in his life-time that Buddism is a religion
I am from the land of Mahavir,
who never told in his life-time that Jain is a religion
I am from the land of Nanak,
who never told in his life-time that Sikhism is a religion
I am from the land of Basavanna,
who never told in his life-time that Lingayat is a religion.

I am from the land of King Bharat,
who never mentioned secularism, while he was ruling
I am from the land of Thiruvalluvar,
who never said he is secular
I am from the land of Ram,
who Valmiki referred Arya, not Aryan.

I am not Hindu,
foreigners have given me this identity
This is not my identity
I am not secular,
The government in past has given me this identity
I am not Aryan or Dravidian,
Historians have given me this identity

I am born on this land which is called
Aryavrat, Bharat Khand, Jammu Dvipa
Without any foreigners enforced identity.
I am human and this is my true identity.

I worship everything,
I respect everything,
I care for everything,
But I surrender to the Truth
And not to any God of any kind,
Because I didn’t believe in any one God
Word, God is again a foreign term for me.

I know the Truth manifests in many forms,
In an unmanifest state, I call him Brahman
In the manifest grand visible form, I call him Ishwara
When I pray to particular aspects of Ishwara,
To seek help I call him Devta and Devi.
I am a human, so I have a million types of desires.
Hence, I pray to those many types of Devta-s or Devi-s.

I am sick of this term secular,
I am utterly confused with this word.
I don’t understand the real meaning of this
When everything in existence
is of the God and God itself,
When everything in the existence is sacred,
Then how to assimilate this idea of secular?

When I teach I am Brahmin,
When I protect I am Kshatriya,
When I do business I am Vaisya and
When I serve I am sudra.
I don’t understand why they broke me, and
Created on more part and called that Dalit.

In the first part of my life, I am Brahmachari,
The second part of my life I am Grahasta,
The third part of my life I am Vaanprasthi and
The last phase of my life is Sanyasa
I have these four Ashrama to live my full life.

I don’t know why they dragged me
In full-time money-making business, and
Live alone without a home, without my society,
And without my people around
for the most part of my day to day work.

I love music, devotion, and surrender and
They call it the Hindu god song
But when they play Bollywood or
Hollywood movie song they call that secular.

Cow milk is Hindu food and
Alcohol is for socializing and for office parties
Because alcohol is secular.

What kind of mindset is this
for which fume of a cigarette is secular
And fume from pooja in the temple is Hindu?

What kind of sickness is this
Where rich has a naked body and they are secular
And when a poor have a naked body he is a poor Hindu.

What kind of mind is this for whom
Mahatma Gandhi is the father of Bharat
Bharat Mata ki Jai is Hindu dominance?

What kind of mind is this where learning
Lifeless subjects in the school, college or
the university is secular education
But teaching Yoga, Ayurveda, traditions,
Vedic Math, true history is Hindu?

What kind of coward mind is this which
They Don’t want our children and society
To know the true history,
because they think Hindus is immature
and will become revengeful after knowing the truth
So they manipulate the truth.

I consume the food based on
my tradition, age, varna and
body need because that is the demand
of my physical, mental body and my profession,
They call it you eat everything!
You are valueless and immoral,
You should eat this and not that
because some vegetable, flowers
and animals are secular and some not.

Samskrut is a language
In which even today 35 million manuscripts,
Are not even understood by today’s society
I think there is a lot to learn from the old text.
But they call Samskrut is old,
It is a Hindu language.
It is a dead language.

They use the court to force my priest to pray,
in any other language but Samskrut.
For years, I could not learn my own language
because they fooled me and
Today I cannot understand
That old language of wisdom
Forget about science, politics, mathematics
Ayurveda, astronomy, war science, etc
I cannot even understand the basic prayers in Samskrut.

English is a secular language and
Samskrut is communal and Hindu.
First Jan is the secular date of year change
and Chaitra Month is Hindu month.
Christmas and Thanksgiving are secular
and Diwali is a Hindu festival.

I am sick of this secular and
I am not Hindu.
First, you gave me this name and
Then attached all negative to this.

You decide your name
Don’t give me any name and identity
After you define yourself,
Whatever is left is me.

I was born without an identity
Let me live and die without identity
I am Dharma driven
But this Dharma for me
changes based on time, space,
situation and relationships.

Don’t call me Hindu, and then
show me your superiority of being secular

I have traditions which you cannot understand
I have methods to connect with the cosmos
which you cannot understand
I have many innumerable reasons to celebrate
which you will not understand
I have many festivals for a community celebration
which you cannot appreciate

So don’t give the name to your ignorance
And throw that upon me.

For politics, people need identities and Ideologies
Those who respect me and my freedom
One who doesn’t cage me in his words is my friend.

For my survival, I need the support of society and power.
Those who believe in values of true freedom, democracy
And at the same time respect my nation
Deserves my appreciation and vote.

Not those who give me unnecessary identity
Not those who claim themselves secular
Not those who claim themselves religious

I am Arya, the Nobel one
Citizen of this planet
I don’t know my origin in the space
But on the banks of Sindhu, Ganga,
Yamuna, Sarasawati my ancestors thrived
And fought for their existence.

This definition of secularism makes me sick
and ignites unnecessary politics.

O Pratibimba, you can call me Hindu,
That shows your helplessness to define me
But I am not secular nor I am religious
I am bonded to my Dharma – relative responsibilities and duties
And I live in Moksha (freedom),
Live for Moksha – free from all evils of Human life.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari