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New Year Wishes for 2024

New Year Wishes for 2024

Life is not a race; there is no use in running for winning.
Run just for your fitness and health.
Life is not a competition to go ahead of all and be the best and first.
Just compete with your yesterday and do it every day.

We don’t come into the body empty-handed,
We don’t leave the body empty-handed.
That is a wrong notion,
The bag of karma we come with
and with a bag of karma, we go.

Whatever happiness and sadness we experience in life
have least to do with what we have
but how those karmas make us feel inside.

How we feel is influenced by the outside
but if our mind is centered in the self
or in Bhakti, then we feel what we want.

Knowing the self and entering into Bhakti
is the key to repair the chemical factory inside.
Some think both are difficult,
some think it is easy,
but the truth is, it is neither easy nor difficult.

If you have time, commitment,
and pursue it for a long time, then it is easy.
If you want to know the self and enter into Bhakti
with your material wealth and comfort, then
it’s not difficult but an impossible task.

When you are at a far temple,
or at the top of a far hill,
or at the bank of a long swiftly flowing river,
You experience something
That has nothing to do with
how much money you spent to come there,
how many friends and relatives came before you,
or how many are with you there,
how many videos and photos of you take
and upload on your social media.
It’s the work of a journalist or a business mind.
The more money you want to extract from every activity of your life,
the more life will slip from your hands.

There is nothing to earn.
Whatever you earn here with blood, sweat, and hard efforts
becomes meaningless.
Life is about the experience of what exists around you,
So why run to experience that,
Walking is okay.

Life is about the expression of what is flowing inside,
So why not clean that inner flow of peace,
Otherwise, expression is going to be
an expression of race, competition, winning, earning,
an expression of dislocate greed, burning jealousy, senseless pride.

Experiencing peace and expressing love is not compulsion,
nor is it difficult or easy,
It is a matter of your wisdom,
It is a matter of your awareness,
There is wisdom in awareness,
In that wisdom, may every reader come out of his or her
mental suffering and bodily pain
and experience the bliss of cosmic existence,
may every reader know his/her existence as one with the cosmos.
But more than my wish, your will is important.

In this new year 2024,
May you have the will to establish in the self.
May you live in full awareness,
May you experience and express that purity out of choice.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari.