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Nothing Becoming Everything

Nothing Becoming Everything

Objects live in the space and
they need some 3D space in the space
where an object can fit into.

Minimum space required to place
One liter of water is .001 cubic meter.
What is that minimum space
in which nothing can be placed,
even a subatomic particle cannot be placed?

10^-105 cubic meter is that space
in which nothing can live inside.
Even light or any kind of radiation
cannot enter in that volume
because the thickness of light or radiation is too much.

But, if you have 10^103 units of
that smallest space then the final made-up space
can hold one liter of water in that space.

Space which cannot hold anything, even not light rays,
starts holding everything
even house, city, planet, star, and galaxies.

This is how nothing becomes everything.
But is that space really nothing?
Just because we can not put
anything physical in that smallest space
it doesn’t become zero or nothing.
It is near to zero but not zero.

In fact there is nothing zero in the entire existence.
Either in the matter form or in the energy form
they may exist with least quantity but they exist.
Even if something exists in your idea
it means it exists in the energy form.

With our all physical or technical capability
if we can measure then
we never say it is zero or infinite.
When we fail to count due to limitation then
only we call it zero or infinite.

Thus zero and Infinity both are concepts
but in reality, they do not exist.

Any guess who brought these two ideas
of the two non-existences?
The Mind of Meditative Rishis of Bharat!

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari

Until Next Time Stay Blessed

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