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Pain and Suffering

Pain and Suffering

Pain is physical.
Suffering is emotional, it is mental.
Suffering is because of thinking.
Suffering is because of improper thinking.

The remedy for pain is a tablet or injection or surgery.
Remedy for suffering is the right knowledge.
Realization, getting the right perspective.

You may have pain but you do not suffer.
Either you are Yogi or mad
or have some other nervous issues.

You may feel pain and suffer because of that.
You are normal as most of humanity is.

You may not have pain and you are suffering.
Because you are thinking and visualizing
the past and future of your own pain.
You live too much inside your mind.

You may not have pain and you are suffering.
Because you are thinking
about others’ pain and suffering.
You may be too much sensitive or too much fearful by nature.

Wounds of the physical body take their own time to heal.
But in a normal body, all the physical wounds
will be healed in a definite time.

Wounds of words, wounds caused by improper thinking
May not heal in many lives.
But, if you have the right perspective on life then
You will not be hurt at all so no question of healing.
And if you have past wounds then you can heal them in no time.

O Chaitnya, this is the reason
The knowledge of self is valued so much.
If you have True knowledge and Realization of yourself
then you are untouched
by any kind of pain and suffering
In the absence of that humans dance like
a monkey stung by a scorpion.
Sansara is Scorpion.
If you don’t handle this properly
then you will be in pain all the time.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truely Hari