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Question Answering

Questioning & Answering (Problem Solving)

When we are searching on internet or
engaging with people and asking them a question
We get incomplete answer or incorrect answer
because we do not ask correct question
(actual question is different than the problem in hand)
or question is not complete
or we exploring the answer at inappropriate place
or we are asking that question too early
(society around is not ready to undersand you)
this leads to incomplete or incorrect answer.

Our questions are not complete or correct or appropriate
because we do not know the full context or
we are unable to comprehend the problem for which we are asking question

We do not know the full context or
unable to comprehend the problem
because we are in hurry to solve the problem or
there is another problem and in our mind we are solving that problem
and physically engaged in something else or
we are not interested in solving the problem
but we want to do something else
that is more enjoyable than this problem solving
We are just passing time waiting for something else.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari