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Dream Body and Physical Action

Sign of Wisdom

Your surroundings comprise people, lives,
the government, and systems around you,
including family members, office hierarchy,
political setup, religious teachings, elders, youth,
colleagues, even other lives like pets or animals nearby.

Your relationship with the surroundings is influenced by them.
You aren’t entirely responsible for creating a harmonious atmosphere.
Some people are generally good but hostile towards you,
Some are naturally hostile;
If you attempt to change them against their will,
You’ll waste your life, time, and energy.
Changing systems, religious beliefs, and
government is an extremely daunting task.
In human history, those who changed their surroundings
didn’t do it by changing others,
but by changing themselves.

Your relationship with yourself entirely depends on you.
If you desire it a certain way, not even God can alter it,
let alone your surroundings changing you.

When we speak of a relationship with self,
it encompasses mental, physical, emotional, and intellectual self-care.

Blaming others for poor relationships with you
might suggest uncooperative surroundings.

Blaming others for your poor relationship with yourself is unwise.
The greatest sign of wisdom is being joyful, healthy, peaceful,
and composed even in a hostile environment.
Where everyone is against you,
remaining unaffected like a water drop on a lotus leaf is sign of wisdom!

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari