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Suffering And Remedy

Suffering And Remedy

If you know the cause of all your pain and suffering
is ignorance of the subject from you are suffering
then yoga of Gyana is for you.
This can lead you to happiness.

If you think the cause of suffering is your laziness
then Karma is the solution
otherwise more Karma will bring
more pain and suffering to you.

If you think the cause of suffering
is Shraddha, faith, devotion then Bhakti is the solution
otherwise, with Bhakti you can suffer as well.

If you think the cause of suffering is body pain
then Hatha Yoga is the solution
otherwise, Hatha Yoga will suck your time
and you still remain miserable.

If you think the cause of your suffering is flickering mind
then meditation is the solution
else more meditation can make you tired.

The mute point is this,
everything is not for everyone
Know the cause of suffering
and adopt the solution as per the problem.

Is there any life in the world
which is not suffering from at least one of these?

O Pratibimba, can a suffering mind
clearly, know the real cause of suffering?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari