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The Art Of Dying

The Art Of Dying

Helplessly we take birth in some family,
without our desire and control.
Helplessly we die someday
without our desire and against our wish.

Human is not certain about
incoming of next breath
think constructing his building
which can last for many hundred years!

O Man, you do not have time
to live the present
but want to protect the unseen future!

O Man, you do not believe
in the certainty of the relationship
and investing your life in building fragile things!

Man who struggle in youth
In search of love, happiness, shelter, job
Thinks old age will be peaceful
because there are insurance companies
and children to take care of.

To make these relationships more reliable
we try to bring strong laws for insurers
and high morality for humans.
But even after that who can deny the suffering?

If there is enjoyment
then it is because someone is suffering.
Or in a state of helplessness
Human has learned to be happy at the suffering of others?

Do you see a system or hope for a system
where all have joy and well-being?

In old age, people have a lot of diseases.
In youths, people have a lot many health complications.
Those who have money,
make the hospital their permanent home.

Sometimes in comma and
sometimes in a semi-consciousness state
Hoping to go home again
live there in a good healthy state for ever.

Life has become so much important
That the word death is considered inauspicious
People are investing in learning the art of living
Even when they know birth happens only once
And death is happening every moment,
Thus, society think death is so much ugly, inauspicious
and birth is beautiful!

I remember in the olden time
People use to go to Gaya or Kashi
towards the end of their life
And willing work to detach from the body
And candidly one day choose not to enter the body
Where that science has gone?

Suicide is a state of helplessness
Like birth and death is helplessness.

But, if human learn the art of dying
Then he automatically learns
how to live meaningful every moment
And how to exit gracefully and willingly,
when there is a desire to change body
and continue living in the new body.

In this state of wisdom
human knows there is
no exit from the suffering created by Karma
but there is an exit from the pain of worn and torn body.

I have not met anybody
who is happy with his/her body
Some say I am too short, some I am too tall
Some say my skin is too black, some it is too white
Some say I am too fat, some say I am too thin
Some say I have a heart problem, so say I have a bone problem
Some say I have a gastric problem, some say I have BP problem.

But if you tell them to leave this body to get the new
They say, all your Gods, faith, Pooja, worship is non-sense.
Don’t trick me, I have been fooled enough in this world.
I will not leave this till get a new, better, fresh body for me.
So we want to live again without dying in the first.

O Wise one,
You even don’t believe in your God?
Or you are not convinced with your Karma of this life?
Or you are an atheist?
That is why you want a better body first
Without exiting this one?

But your God is smarter than you
He thinks if He gives you a new body first
Then there are chances you wanted
to enjoy the wealth of the old body and
disease-less perfect fresh new body
and not willing to leave both!

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari