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The Logic of Entangled Mind

The Art Of Missing Life

You take a photograph of a bird,
data is in your camera and the bird has flown.
You take a photograph of a river,
data is in your camera, and the water has gone away.
You listen to a music performance, music is recorded.
Data is on the storage device but the musician has gone.
You smell a breeze coming from a flower,
you experienced the smell but the flower is far away.

Photographs and recorded music are data,
it is stored on external devices.
Photographs, listened words, smell of a flower,
touch of your loved one is your experience, etc.,
all is all data, and data is stored in your brain.

People and things exist around you in a certain way. This is the first.
Your eyes, ears, nose, etc catch the information
about those and store that data. This is always the second.
Whatever data is stored in your brain, that data is old data.
Data is always old, data is always about the past.
In microseconds, milliseconds things change.
What is existing before you and
what you are seeing inside your brain are two different things.
But the miracle of your existence is such that you think both are the same.

Existence comes first,
recording devices and data stored in them come later.
What you have in your mind is nothing
but data about the world around you.
It is nothing more than the data stored on a hard disk.

You know the photograph of your loved one,
which is stored on your computer is not your Loved one.
You know the photograph of a river
on your computer is not a real river.
You know the group photograph of an event
on your computer is not the event.
You know the photograph of food items
on your computer is not real food.
Whatever you have on your computer or phone is data. It is not reality.
Reality is that, which is flowing around,
sometimes around you, sometimes far away from you.
Sometimes in physical form and sometimes
it has become vibration and floating around.

With respect to electronics you know
the difference between data and reality.
How come with respect to human life
we are not able to understand
the difference between data and reality?

Flowers, food, children, rivers, etc are not sitting in our brains.
We have their data in our brains.
The data is never a reality. It is about reality.

Reality can never be untrue.
Data even about reality is never true.
Data about reality can be very close to reality,
we consider this as true.
Data about reality can be manipulated or falsely understood,
so it is far from reality. We consider that as false data.
But data is never ever a reality of existence around.

Human is so engrossed with electronic data,
computer data, and phone data that
they forgot their brain is also having data.
Humans started giving so much importance to this data
that they started taking multiple backups of this data.
They don’t want to lose the data.
They started thinking losing the data means losing reality.
In business transactions, it may be true.

But the tragedy of life is we started taking our brain data
so seriously that we don’t pay attention to reality.
This is the reason no one can see reality the way it exists.
We see reality from the prism of data stored in our hard disk.
And this is the art of Missing Life.
Human has learned this art over generations.
Alas! this is the major cause of human suffering.

Except for a few exceptions,
human of the 21st century is not suffering
because of food, or war, unlike in earlier centuries.
Humans are suffering from the data stored
in their hard-disk. Which they think is the reality.
Human is not ready to forget and forgive
because they have taken 20 different backups of that data.

O Chaitanya, the only way to come out of your hard-disk (brain) is
For sometimes come in the present, meditate and experience without thinking.
Without assigning labels to the people, situations, and things around you.

Hari Om Tat Sat.
Yours Truly Hari.