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The Biggest Mistake

The Biggest Mistake

When we are children we even see the rise and set of the sun with amazement.
Flying birds, and the color of the clouds and sky spark curiosity in us.
Even a sprouting plant from seed was an amazement for us.

We asked questions and people around us answered all those questions.
Because they memorized those answers.
Either from the course books or lectures or preaching.
All this is second-hand knowledge.
Most of them answered all the questions from memory.

We thought these people were wise, they know everything.
Slowly when we become elder and the children around us
asked questions then we depended upon those answers which we remembered.

If we don’t know the answer we search on the internet
and answer our children.
This is the way we learned about this world.
This is the way we taught our children.
Almost all people are speaking from second-hand knowledge
without any first-hand experience of the world around us.

Is it bad to speak from memory and help others find answers?
No, it is not bad, provided we don’t have access
to the lab to experiment and know the answer firsthand.

There are many things around we cannot know
from our experiments because it is not easy
to set up the experiments and know directly
so it is ok to remember them like formulas.
At least understand the concept.

Fortunately, there are many answers which we could have known
by our own experiments even if someone tells us.

When a child gets puzzled over some complicated question about nature
and you don’t know the answer
or you cannot explain then you can tell him God did this.

When a child asks a question about God or challenges God
then we shut him by saying don’t question God.
God is the supreme authority, knows everything, most powerful
If you ask these stupid questions then
He may get angry and punish you.
This is how we kill curiosity.

After some time when a child becomes a young man and a woman
Then he pretends like he knows everything.
He is not interested in knowing the answer to anything
from his first-hand experience
because he knows everything from his memory.
Remaining whatever he doesn’t know
either he is not interested in those questions or he says God did it.

The biggest problem with religious books or teachers is
they killed this curiosity in humans.
They help in making a good ethical human being
but a person who is not interested in seeking anything.

This grown-up man knows that his master can answer all the questions.
That answer is God did it
or God did it this way
or It is the desire of God.
Thus, the chapter on seeking is closed.
This is the biggest mistake in our education system
which creates a learned man but not a wise man.
Those who know lots of facts but not the realized ones.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari