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The Middle Path

The Middle Path

We hear very commonly that you don’t go to extreme of anything in the life,
Walk the middle path, settle on middle ground, Madhya Maarga.
Yet, no matter how hard we try, living on the middle path seems unsustainable.
The more we force ourselves to stay within its confines,
life becomes increasingly mundane and devoid of meaning.

When you’re on the road, can you walk a 1000 km journey along just one lane,
especially the middle lane?
What is the middle path for sleeping?
Six hours per day or Seven hours per day?
And what is the middle path for working, learning, praying, traveling,
conversing, reading, pleasure, sex or any other activity within life?

If one consistently follows a middle path in all aspects for a year,
most individuals would likely find life
monotonous, confined within a fixed routine.
Who truly desires to live such a predictable life?
What is the fun in a predictable life?

The beauty of life is
to know your own extremes and keep expending your extremes.
There is no fun in traveling on middle path,
but there is a wisdom in knowing
how far away you are from the middle path.
So middle path is good for knowing
because it helps you knowing your own extremes
but middle path is not good for living
unless you want to make your life dry,
monotonous, dull, colourless, vacuum, stale, barren, and tasteless.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari