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The Purpose of Education

The Purpose of Education

The purpose of literacy is to learn how to count, write, read, and understand what subjects are there to learn about. And life helps you explore these subjects.

The purpose of education is to know what other people have done before you. In the field of your interest, get the data, analyze the data. You should be able to understand the difference between fact and opinion. Facts belong to existence, opinions belong to the human mind. This way, we have a lot of data and analysis. Now, we know the opinions of others, and we also have our own opinion.

If a human mind is properly educated, that mind will have enough Vivek (sense of discrimination between two opposites) to distinguish between fact and opinion. Otherwise, people fight over an opinion. Without understanding that every human has the ability to think differently, a thinking mind may have a different opinion.

The purpose of education is not only about knowing and memorizing facts, opinions, and forming your own opinion. It’s also important to know who discovered a certain fact and how they discovered it. So, the study of history, geography, and timeframe along with the main subject is the right education. Knowing concepts, formulas, processes from physics, chemistry, management, and other subjects without the history, geography, and timeframe of those is not complete education.

Unfortunately, we often think literacy is education. The purpose of education is also to become original in your ideas, like your ideals have been. Not to become something you like, but to know who you are and refine that to improve your life experiences.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari