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The Real Hell of False Ego

As a life, you can have the following feelings about yourself
and each of these serves some purpose
for yourself and the society around you
and causes some harm to you.

1- In this infinite cosmos, among billions of galaxies,
trillions of stars and planets,
my planet and my life is too insignificant.

2- In this cosmos my planet is special,
Because it inhabits life in the whole known cosmos,
but I am insignificant among trillions of life on this planet.

3- On this planet, there are several kinds of lives
but human is a special kind of life
because of our ability to think, reason, imagine, and empathize.
I am human therefore I am special.

4- On this planet my culture is great
because mine is the older, grandest, wisest.
But I am insignificant,
because I have not learned anything
from my ancestors and the wisdom of my culture.

5- My culture is great and I am the torch wearer of this culture,
I am a special person from this culture,
I am a guru, a leader, and elder people of my culture
my people should respect and worship me for
my knowledge and my sacrifices.

6- My culture is great and other cultures lesser great
therefore their people should also respect
my culture and leaders of my culture.

7- My culture is greatest and I am the leader therefore
all the people of this planet should respect me
and pay taxes as long as they are living on my land.

When we say our ancestor then
we are willing to go back two or three thousand years back.
But, if we go back to the origin of life
we will find our ancestors are Algae and fungi
and their ancestor is oxygen and the sun.

As individual human beings, we are nothing here.
As a group of humans, we have tremendous power
which other animals do not have.
As a group, we are a very creative species.
As an individual, we cannot even create simple alpin.

So culture, religions, societies, villages, nations, etc
are natural and useful creations of humans.
These are not creations of God.
Their diversity of thoughts, cultures, beliefs,
and the way of thinking
that is why we could create so much that we have today.

In ancient times whether Indian or Greek or Mayan civilizations
could do wonder because of allowing this diversity within their culture.

In today’s time whatever advancement
in science and technology has happened
it is because those nations
who were having wealth
and allowed different thoughts to melt on
their land to create something unique.

In the process of evolution, every race
developed some unique mental and physical capabilities.
It makes sense to come together to create
something more meaningful for all humans.
As far as other lives are concerned,
humans need not do anything
except don’t disturb them or at least disturb them.

Animals and trees in the forest are smart enough
to take care of themselves
they don’t need human help.
But if humans need their help then
we need to reciprocate that help to them.

Thinking my race is the greatest,
my language is the greatest is good for an individual
because it gives him or her the purpose to fight and live.
This helps you refine and improve yourself and your culture.

But entering in the war and killing people,
entering into social media space, and abusing and hurting people
to ensure that only my race and my culture should survive on this planet.
That would be dangerous for this planet and humanity.
Because without diversity there is
no growth, refinement, or evolution possible.

Our belief systems whether we consider this history or not, are great.
They have brought us where are today.
It helps us in experiencing something unique and evolving.
But when we want to have only one belief system,
This monotony is dangerous for the human race.
Because we get quickly bored.

In public meetings, public platform
before becoming aggressive and attacking others
we should ask ourselves,
Are we looking for monotony or diversity?
A little bit of bad, a little bit of cancer,
and a little of rough weather make the human body and mind strong.
Because the body keeps fighting and the immune system remains active.
Too much makes us sick and we fall ill.
But how much is too much you need to decide.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari