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The Ways to Hurt the Self

The Ways to Hurt the Self

People say your words are more painful and
I cannot forget them in my life.
They say, physical pain is less painful then the pain caused by harsh words.

If this is the way of society then what we are saying, we believe in physical fight, physical hurt is less painful.
Do not say harshword say sweet word and hit me physically I am ok with that.

Ideally, We should not hurt anyone physically or by words
But if we have to choose one we should choose words to hurt
so that we can convey our message
rather than physically fitting somebody to convey the message.

So don’t say your words hurts me more than you physically hitting me.
Don’t be unnecessarily poetic and repeat the phrases and poems of others
even that is meaningless in the real life. Be Pragmatic.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari