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There is no God!

There is no God!

If our Karma and Law or Karma is everything then what is the need of God?

People say Karma is everything but they are afraid of this rule. They want to bypass this rule. Why? Due to ignorance or madness, if some Karma happened and results of that Karma is unbearable then what to do?

They thought saying sorry should be a solution. But where to go and say sorry and who will forgive? Thus culture invented a big father concept, called God. Go and please Him, say sorry to Him and He will forgive you.

Once God is there then people can become irresponsible they can do all nonsense and put a mercy petition before God. Or they can ask all kind of questions, like why I am suffering I am great devotee, I am good person, I have done so much donation, I have helped so many people, I am hard working person, I am honest, I have done three times prayer every day etc. So why am I suffering?

They feel God is responsible for their misery in life. Even after so much donation at a temple or orphanage if I am suffering then what is the use of all this good Karma.

Because they don’t find any other responsible person around, with whom they talk or pull in the court for their misery, so they become atheist. As if God will become any less by this act or their misery will reduce. As long as human life is there whether you are rich or poor, married or single, have children or childless you all suffer. God has nothing to do with your businesses and worldly designations and positions. But, unfortunately humans need God only for these transactions because they don’t know anything else other than this kind of business.

If this is the state of affairs then even a so-called happy devotee is doing business with God but his business is going good. One day when he loses money, health, relationship, people, social or temple respect he will also become atheist.

O Chaitanya, how to raise human consciousness so that they realize that even beyond the losses and profit of his life, life around in the cosmos is extremely complex and we don’t know how all this is happening smoothly? There is someone, there is something, which we want to know through our efforts and not from the books or temples or preachers. But for that they need to pause for a moment from their daily race which is taking them from birth to death. Their race of endless Karma and rituals.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari