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Unanswered Questions Of Science

Unanswered Questions Of Science

I am a student of science and technology, apart from that I have a deep interest in philosophy and cosmology. As a true seeker of knowledge, I keep searching for answers to various questions related to our existence and our journey in the cosmos. There are many answers which science has given, but I do not know because of my time commitment. But there are many questions, in which I am interest into, but I don’t have any scientific answer. As and when question comes, I keep putting here. If you know the answer of any of these question, then please connect me to the source. If you have any other question not mentioned here, then feel free to add question in the comment box.

  1. What is the cause of gravity?
  2. Why big bang happened?
  3. From where the material came for the big bang?
  4. If cosmos is expending continuously and entropy of the world is increasing, then what is the face of cosmos?
  5. Out of billions of galaxies and each galaxy having billions of start, there is life known only one our planet. Out of 10^22 places if life exist at one place then why cannot we say it is sheer chance?
  6. Why speed of anything cannot be more than the constant c?
  7. Why entanglement happens?
  8. Why electron behave like a wave?
  9. What creates charge in an electron or proton?
  10. Why sound wave makes light? (Sonoluminescence)
  11. Why matter is more than antimatter?
  12. Particle physics explains the components of electron, proton, neutron etc. The matter is ultimately made of what?
  13. Why the escape velocity for a black hole is higher than velocity of light? What is happening inside the black hole?
  14. There many forces which make the existence possible like weak forces, strong forces, electromagnetic forces, nuclear forces, gravitational forces. Is there anyone force which combines all the forces together?
  15. How to measure collapse of a wave function?
  16. Why the arrow of time moves only in one direction?
  17. What is dark matter made of?
  18. What is dark energy?
  19. Can the universe come out of nothing?